Yes Minister
A look in the rear-view mirror to see what has changed in grant spending over recent decades. - the latest from Rosie Williams, a fiercly independent & non-partisan political & policy analyst
There seems to be a growing attitude at both the Commonwealth and State levels that Ministers have complete discretion, particularly in relation to spending public money, and that there is nothing unlawful about them using governmental resources for personal or political gain- Anne Twomey
Bill McLennan
I was impressed by [Rosie's] #Censusfail submission (85) to this (Inquiry) Committee. It very clearly showed some good analysis that would have helped the ABS to run a better Census if it had done such research before developing the Census proposal. It also saved me from explaining the current thrust in government with the Government Data Linkage Project, and its likely links to the Census (37).
Garry Brooke
I've worked with Rosie Williams on budget data transparency since November 2013. Rosie has developed her project into the best government data transparency initiative I know... continually updated and improved to make underlying data intelligible and to focus on key aspects for analysis. My interest has particularly been on the transparency of federal budget data.
Scott Ludlam
We could hear from digital rights organisations like the Privacy Foundation, Digital Rights Watch and Electronic Frontiers Australia and from specialist researchers like Rosie Williams and Asher Wolf, who have led the debate online. Hansard
Rosie Williams
I have been a public advocate for vulnerable people since childhood. I am respected for my life experience, formal knowledge (degree in Sociology), technical skills & ability to synthesize knowledge across domains in the defence of human rights & accountability.
In my spare time I compose classical music.
Ministerial Discretion, grants, pork-barrelling
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
26th Apr 2022
Yes Minister
A look in the rear-view mirror to see what has changed in grant spending over recent decades.
marginality, progressive, conservative, moderate, independent, regional, urban
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
28th Mar 2022
Australia By The Numbers
Take a bird's-eye view of Australia's voting habits
conservative, progressive, independents, welfare, ageing
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
27th Jan 2022
The Tipping Point
A report on the voting habits of Australians
Associated Entities, Third Parties, campaign financing, media
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
13th May 2021
The Power To Persuade And Who Has It
Millions are spent on political messaging every year but who is paying the piper?
open data, ABN, transparency
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
16th Apr 2021
The Missing Piece
Keeping the bastards honest means filling in the missing pieces.
procurement, tenders, grants, lobbyists
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
16th Apr 2021
The Tangled Web
Rosie unravels the tangled web of payments between political parties, their associated entities and government by registered lobbyists and their clients.
bribery, corruption, donations, political donations, charities
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
5th Mar 2021
Dark Money In Politics: Expanding The Scope
Uncovering what the powerful want to keep hidden is a momentous job, yet this work is under immediate threat.
Basic Religious Charities, Commonwealth grants, Cashless Welfare Card
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
14th Oct 2019
Shining A Spotlight On The Finances Of Religious Charities
Religious charities receive millions in Commonwealth grants, but not all of them are required to disclose their finances to the regulators.
#CensusFail, privacy, data integration, ABS, Data Sharing & Release Act, National Data Commissioner
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
7th Sep 2019
Censusfail: Why It Happened And What It Means Now
The dialectical relationship between the Australian census and privacy legislation is about to take another turn.
open data, data integration, public data, research, cryptography
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
4th Sep 2019
The Data Sharing And Release Act Is Coming For Your Data
The article explains the history of the governance of administrative data and the changes I saw taking place to allow our data held by government agencies to be shared with research and commercial interests.
OGP, #FederalICAC, corruption, open government, FOI
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
2nd Sep 2019
The Open Government Partnership: Our Best-kept Secret
Australia joined the Open Government Partnership in 2015. As we enter consultations for our 3rd National Action Plan most Australians have never heard of it.
tax, Pell, Catholic, abuse, same sex marriage
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
8th Jul 2019
Of Death And Taxes
The adage that there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes has never applied to religious charities but new registration requirements mean those enjoying the greatest tax breaks face an uncertain future.
digital currency, bitcoin, conflict of interest
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
1st May 2019
Federal Politicians Should Declare Their Bitcoin Investments
Rosie investigates whether Australian politicians should be declaring their Bitcoin along with their other investments.
homelessness, gender, poverty, ageing
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
29th Apr 2019
Budget Enshrines Neglect Of Older Women
There are interesting lessons for older Australians in the budget data.
Institute of Public Affairs, charities, Senate Estimates
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
17th Apr 2019
Ipa Appointee Fails To Attend Estimates
The appointment of former IPA Research Fellow as Charities Commissioner has caused internal ructions in the senior ranks of the ACNC.
censusfail, cryptography, security, open data, research
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
28th Mar 2019
We Are All Special Snowflakes And Why It Matters
Macquarie university researcher responds to ABS TableBuilder claims.
marriage, relationship, love
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
21st Mar 2019
For Better Or For Worse
Let's show ATO whistleblower, Richard Boyle that we have his back.
abuse, Labor, church, BRC, ACNC
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
1st Mar 2019
The Hidden Wealth Of Basic Religious Charities
Religious charities should not be able to hide their wealth- updated with comment from Andrew Leigh.
labour exploitation, international students, immigration
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
3rd Dec 2018
Australia's Migrant Labour Pains
Up to one in ten Australian jobs are now performed by temporary workers. This article places this trend into the wider historical context that has shaped a culture of exploitation.
phishing, scam, crime, business
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
1st Nov 2018
Defending Your Organisation With Training And Technology
The OAIC released their quarterly report on the Notification Data Breaches Scheme earlier this week. Read about what this means for your organisation and what you can do about it.
election, politics, campaign
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
31st Oct 2018
Liberal Party Harnesses I360 Big Data In Time For 2019 Federal Election
The Koch brothers' i360 data service is now being used by the Liberal Party of Australia.
security, scam, crime, business, email
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
24th Oct 2018
Don't Be The Next Business To Fall Victim To A Data Breach
What is the difference between spam and phishing and why does it matter?
housing, homelessness, universities, labour exploitation
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
19th Oct 2018
Australia's Student Housing Crisis
A look at the implications for demand on the low-cost housing market of our large intake of international students.
cryptography, privacy, email, scam
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
10th Oct 2018
Professional Help Needed: Law Firms Still Vulnerable To Phishing Attacks
A significant number of law firms could be exposed to phishing attacks if they have not set up their anti-phishing service correctly. Here's what you can do about it.
election, campaign, bias, media, journalism, ethics
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
7th Oct 2018
Privacy, Media And Politics: What Are Our Rights?
This article looks at the potential for collusion between the media and political parties, neither of which are covered by the Privacy Act.
media bias, ethics, advertising
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
6th Oct 2018
The Australian Doxes Anti Racism Campaigners
Sleeping Oz Giants and their followers on Twitter are subjected to defamatory campaign in The Australian.
real estate, housing, homelessness, business, security, cryptography
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
25th Sep 2018
Pexa Introduces MFA But More Guidance Needed
This article explains the recent hack of the national property lodgement database and the risks to legal firms and their users of using SMS in two-factor authentication.
media, ethics, technology, privacy, security, encryption, cryptography, digital footprint
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
17th Sep 2018
Whistlebowers: The Heroes Behind The Stories That Matter
Whistleblowers play an essential role in the stories that hold out institutions to account. This article looks at recent changes in National Security legislation and the 11 point UNESCO framework for evaluation of legislation.
Institute of Pubic Affairs, think tank, privacy, FOI
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
7th Sep 2018
Taking Over The Corporate Regulators
The OAIC is charged with governing both FOI and the Privacy Act. This article traces the early years of the OAIC as it weathers attempts to abolish the office by the Abbott Government.
ACNC, politics, governance, Institute of Public Affairs, think tanks
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
5th Sep 2018
The IPA's Long March Through The Bureaucracy
This article traces the early years of the charities regulator as the Abbott government attempts to abolish the office.
cryptography, e-voting, internet, election, technology
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
3rd Sep 2018
Deconstructing The Democracy Sausage
This article looks at the privacy and security issues like to arise with attempts to move election voting online or through the use of voting machines.
Institute of Pubic Affairs, think tank, privacy, data ethics
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
14th Aug 2018
Abbott And Turnbull: Opening The Door On Your Privacy
Never before has there been a more pressing need for a strong voice acting on our behalf on matters relating to our privacy.
Institute of Public Affairs, think tank, research, conflicts of interest
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
11th Aug 2018
The Bumpy Road To Think Tank Transparency In Australia
The problem of think tank transparency in Australia has a lot of hurdles to overcome before we will be in a position to understand who is funding them.
Institute of Public Affairs, think tank, Authorised Research Institute, DGR, tax
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
28th Jul 2018
Getting To The Bottom Of The IPA DGR Status
If people are going to challenge the activities of the IPA, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the legislation governing its activities.
COAG, data sharing and release, data integration
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
7th May 2018
Revenue Foregone But Not Forgotten
This article explains foregone revenue - all the taxes not collected due to special treatment of certain groups of people and organisations.
poverty, unemployment, single mothers, crime, violence, women, First Nations
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
13th Sep 2017
Cashless Debit Card, Income Management And The Surveillance State
The Cashless Welfare Card forces each recipient to share their entire purchase history with the government. In this article, I explain the human rights law that Australia is signatory to and the implications for the government in breaching that law.
OGP, policy, open data
Rosie Williams, BA (Sociology)
2nd Nov 2015
Open Government: A New Paradigm In Social Change
Open data, a new paradigm in policy, technology and activism.