I’ve worked with Rosie Williams on budget data transparency since November 2013. Rosie has developed her project into the best government data transparency initiative I know... continually updated and improved to make underlying data intelligible and to focus on key aspects for analysis. My interest has particularly been on the transparency of federal budget data. was launched for testing by the public on Wed 17 January 2018 at LinuxConfAu2018 This is an extensive project which is the result of work done by Rosie Williams over a period of years and which has received national (see SMH) and international recognition from media and experts alike (see below).

In this newest version, multiple projects have been combined together into a powerful political and financial transparency database. AusGov uses data published by government under open data policies to provide financial and political transparency.

The code, design, database arrangement is mine. The data driving the site is published as open data by government agencies, and my calculations are derived from and based on this data. Data is often cleaned and/or tweaked. Names of organisations are changed to be spelled and punctuated consistently within and between datasets and fields might have certain punctuations removed or altered to display better in HTML or to avoid issues when forming part of the urls that drive results (for example).

Basic statistics

Code base 20Mb+ (includes icons).

Database started off with 80 tables -one for each year for each dataset- while I established the capacity of my shared server to deal with load. Database has since undergone rationalisation to combine all years into single dataset for each data source.

As at 17 May

This project is the work of one person and needs funding. You can support me on a one-off basis or at recurring monthly intervals.

*labour calculation does not take into account the costs of hosting the site, equipment, data, or any other expense which comes out of my pocket.


This figures in this site are either raw data at line-item level or totals/percentages - which are the result of algorithms or joins (automated matches between two lists) - written by myself, which in turn are based on open data provided by Australian government agencies.

The data provided by government is usually edited by myself (unused fields are removed, names of programs/agencies/entities are spelled consistently within & between datasets).

All care has been taken to represent every single figure accurately, however mistakes can be made either by the entity providing data to the government, the agency providing the data back to the public or at my end as I further transform this data for use.

It is important to understand that while opinions and inferences can be made based on the data on this site, that the data is not in and of itself an inference or an opinion. Inferences and opinions using data in this site remain the legal responsibility of the author of those opinions.

If I share these opinions/inferences in a tweet this does not imply that this is my opinion but that I am sharing the opinion of another person for comment.

If you see something on this site that does not look right please contact me on Twitter or by email so that I can explain it or fix it.


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