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Federal Budget Data

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Budget data is normally delivered each May (set down for April this year due to the election) and contains totals by program/component for year to date, the coming year, estimates for the following year and projections for the two years following - five years in all.

Enter a search term into the box to see totals for this term charted for budgets between 2013 and 2018.

Each budget contains around 420 programs divided into over a thousand components.

The budget search allows you to search program, component and outcome (goals) for matches to your keyword.

Each search begins with a chart which displays the total for matches to your keyword across the last five budgets.

Select a year to see the components that comprise that yearly total by clicking the corresponding point in the chart.


national security

Budget decisions are often made after the budget is handed down. Once a change to appropriations has passed both floors of parliament, each portfolio reports changes in Portfolio Additional Estimate Statements.

These changes are summarised in the Mid Year Economic and Financial Outlook (MYEFO) which is handed down in December each year along with the Final Budget Outcome (FBO) for the previous financial year- in PDF, Word & HTML.

In election years a Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) is published.