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ACNC & DGR data

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ACNC Annual Information Statement

Each calendar year, all registered charities (excepting) Basic Religious Charities (BRCs) are required to report their financial information to the Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission.

ACNC Charities Register

The ACNC publishes a list of all registered charities with their registration dates, charitable purposes, activities, operating countries, BRC status and beneficiaries.

Department of Department of Industry DGR data

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science exports the list of organisations (not only charities) with DGA status for items 1, 2 & 4.

This page is for displaying the results of a single charity. If you click on a charity name from results displayed in other pages within this project you can see the finances, DGR status and charity registration information for that specific charity.

The search box at the top of this page has an autocomplete which provides access to all the organisations within the register, AIS data and DGR lists.

However, the auto-complete function is not prescriptive. You can override it and put in whatever you want - it doesn't have to be an exact match for a specific charity. In this way you can get multiple names which all share the same word(s) in common and then select from that list when it appears below.

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