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2019 2022 Change Direction
54 52
Lucy Wicks
Gordon Reid
-2 Robertson

Robertson is a MARGINAL, Provincial NSW seat with a privilege score at the 47 %ile, held by Gordon Reid for LIBS with 54% of the Vote

Age distribution within Robertson

Under 1818-3435-4950-6465-7980+
21% 19% 19% 20% 15% 6%

Socio-Economic Data for Robertson

Decile 1 Decile 2 Decile 3 Decile 4 Decile 5 Decile 6 Decile 7 Decile 8 Decile 9 Decile 10

This data represents the ABS data from the 2016 census for the Index of Economic Resources. 'The IER summarises variables relating to the financial aspects of relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage. These include indicators of high and low income, as well as variables that correlate with high or low wealth. Areas with higher scores have relatively greater access to economic resources than areas with lower scores.' SEIFA Technical Paper

Census data is used to distributed neighbourhoods into bands (deciles) ranging from the poorest in Decile 1 to the wealthiest in Decile 10. The higher the number and column, the more neighbourhoods are in that decile.

The shape of the columns shows which way the electorate skews in wealth.



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Commonwealth Grants are awarded according to one of the following processes:

Grants can be advertised according to one of the above selection processes but this process can be over-ridden by Ministers or Cabinet. Since Jan 2018 over 130,000 individual grants across over 1,900 programs have been made. A minority of grants are awarded in an Ad Hoc manner.

The Australia Institute, which analysed grants across a small number of programs (2021), found that Ministerial Discretion had been biased toward marginal Liberal seats and has this to say about Ad Hoc grants.

The Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRG) permits the allocation of grants in certain exigencies: A one-off or ad hoc grant generally does not involve planned selection processes, but is instead designed to meet a specific need, often due to urgency or other circumstances. These grants are generally not available to a range of potential grantees or on an ongoing basis.

In the cases considered, promises made in an election campaign have been construed as circumstances that warrant an invitation only grants process rather than a planned, competitive selection process. This seems prima facie at odds with the CGRG, which require grant administrators to consider seven key principles:

The Australian Govt Soliciter summarises requirements for Ministers of the Commonwealth in awarding grants: