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1 grants worth $75,000 have been awarded to organisations matching TASMAN COUNCIL or ABN 63590070717 since January 2018

Lyons  $75,000
Address Nubeena 7184 TAS AUSTRALIA ABN: 63590070717
Portfolio Infrastructure and Regional Development
Agency Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
Program Regional Development
Component BBRF - Infrastructure Stream
CategoryRegional Development Open Competitive
PurposeThe construction of the Murdunna Deep Water Community Jetty will provide a much-needed piece of marine infrastructure for South East Tasmania. The jetty will facilitate berthing for deep draught vessels close to the Murdunna township. This is not presently possible. Construction will be such that it will enable elderly and disabled individuals to easily board vessels moored alongside. Also it will provide a safe disembarkation point for sick or injured sailors, with good access to ambulance and emergency services. Additionally it will provide an evacuation facility in the event of a disaster such as the bushfires that occurred in 2013. The jetty will also be a community asset for swimming and fishing by locals and tourists.
ActivityConstruction of a Deep Water Community Jetty at Murdunna
Delivery Area 7178 TAS AUSTRALIA
06 Jul 201825 Sep 201820 Sep 201805 Jun 2020 2018-19