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Launched at LinuxConfAu2018, this site has received well over 2 mill. hits from over 40k unique visitors with data used in campaigns from anti-racism to the transparency of religious charities. Click the green circle to read more or skip to articles.

Who Meets Who?

Find out who's meeting who with NSW Ministerial diaries data

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What pollies own, owe & are given

Search the pecuniary interests register for potential conflicts of interest and which politicians own property near you

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Who gets what?

See tax paid by top-earning corps, relevent gifts, shares & tenders

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Who wins govt contracts?

Find out who gets the biggest tenders & which countries supply the govt

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Which charities rule the roost?

Find out which charities receive the most in donations and where they operate

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Who gets govt grants?

Find out which organisations receive the most government grants and where they operate

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