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It's Christmas every day for our politicians

Receiving gifts and favours is part and parcel of political life. This cheat-sheet provides a bird's-eye view of gifts and hospitality as it stands today.

28th Jan 2019

Looking back and beyond: Crowd-funding and the kindness of strangers

The truth can have few friends so building and running transparency projects is not for the faint-hearted. Here's the view from the inside.

25th Jan 2019

The Story Room

Recruiting journalists, bloggers and researchers for The Story Room

15th Jan 2019

This site consists of multiple financial transparency projects. The projects can be used separately but they also interact with one another. The most powerful example of this integration is the search on company, party or charity name which provides results from taxation, political donations, tenders, pecuniary interests and charities data. However, it is much easier to search each dataset on its own if you know which dataset you want to search. You can use that using the search box below or click on the headings to find out the scope, intention and options for each project.

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