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Fairly Safe
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Ministers responsible for the Finance Portfolio awarded 100.00% of grants to SAFE electorates


Official portrait of Scott Buchholz


Between Jan 2018 & April 2021 orgs in the FAIRLY SAFE electorate of WRIGHT held by LNP MP Scott Buchholz received over $39.33 million in grants


Official portrait of Michael Sukkar


Based on ACNC data, in 2019 charities in the electorate of Deakin held by LIBS MP Michael Sukkar declared over $605.05 million in revenue.

Franking Credits

Official portrait of Anika Wells


In the 17-18 tax year, residents in the electorate of LILLEY held by ALP MP Anika Wells received franking credits worth $51.12 million.

Political Parties


Between 2013 and 2021 the ALP PARTY declared $515,256,158 to the AEC.

Associated Entities

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Between 2013 and 2020 the GREENS-affiliated associated entity GREEN INSTITUTE declared $1,533,102 to the AEC.

Third Parties

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Between 2013 and 2019 the un-affiliated 3rd party AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION spent $928,546 on political messaging.



Between 2018 and 2020 the un-affiliated campaigner AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY spent $666,575 on political messaging.



Between 2013 and 2021 BAYER declared $6,652,278,601 revenue, paid $118,883,300 in tax & paid $38,500 to political orgs.

Payments from tax transparency list corps to political orgs includes donations & other receipts (subscriptions, rent, payment for services etc) to political parties, their associated entities, third parties, campaigners and political candidates.

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Media and Journalism

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Bill McLennan


I was impressed by the #Censusfail submission to this (Inquiry) Committee. It very clearly showed some good analysis that would have helped the ABS to run a better Census if it had done such research before developing the Census proposal. It also saved me from explaining the current thrust in government with the Government Data Linkage Project, and its likely links to the Census. Bill McLennan (Former Head of the ABS, Former Chairman United Nations Statistical Commission) in his Submission to the 2016 Inquiry.
Garry Brooke


I’ve worked with Rosie Williams on budget data transparency since November 2013. Rosie has developed her project into the best government data transparency initiative I know... continually updated and improved to make underlying data intelligible and to focus on key aspects for analysis. My interest has particularly been on the transparency of federal budget data.
Scott Ludlam


We could hear from digital rights organisations like the Privacy Foundation, Digital Rights Watchand Electronic Frontiers Australia and from specialist researchers like Rosie Williams and Asher Wolf, who have led the debate online.

Sleeping Giants


In late 2018, Sleeping Giants Australia, 'a community initiative to make racism, bigotry, misogyny and climate change denial less profitable', used data I provided to them on the parliamentarians who have accepted subscriptions to Foxtel in their campaign against racism. Sky took umbridge at this campaign and Sleeping Giants & similar campaigns have been the focus of media commentary ever since. My Tweet was pictured in a front-page diatribe in The Australian against Denise Shrivell who The Australian claimed is resonsible for the Sleeping Giants Australia account.

I launched the domain at Linux Conference Australia in January 2018, however this work is the result of years devoted to programming and transparency work beginning in 2012 and progressively expanded and improved upon over the intervening years.


The pecuniary interests register data was originally supplied by icacpls however I have updated it manually (or not as time permits) for the past couple of years.

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The figures in this site are either raw data at line-item level or totals/percentages - which are the result of algorithms or joins (programmatic matches between two lists) - written by myself in MySQL, which in turn are based on open data provided by Australian government agencies.

This data ranges in quality between datasets, is updated at different intervals and is published to different standards and in different formats.

The data you see in this site is edited by myself (unused fields are removed, names of programs/agencies/entities are spelled consistently within & between datasets). Data cleaning is a significant job. All care has been taken to represent every single figure accurately, however mistakes can be made either by the entity providing data to the government, the agency providing the data back to the public or at my end as I further transform this data for use.

It is important to understand that while opinions and inferences can be made based on the data on this site, that the data is not in and of itself an inference or an opinion. Inferences and opinions using data in this site remain the legal responsibility of the author of those opinions.

The risks of the pandemic highlight the injustice of forced labour enjoyed by religious charities.

Religious Charities Giving With One Hand And Taking With The Other

The risks of the pandemic highlight the injustice of forced labour enjoyed by religious charities.

Religious Charities Giving With One Hand And Taking With The Other

The listing of the Salvation Army op shop in Tempe, NSW as a potential Covid-19 exposure site should give people pause for thought over the morality of forcing impoverished people to work for 'welfare' without the rights afforded to the employed.

These (cases of Covid-19) include a woman and a man in their 50s from the Sutherland Shire, who are both close contacts of a previously reported case and have been in isolation. The man is believed to have acquired the virus while working at a Salvation Army store. (SBS)

Every day thousands of unemployed Australians are forced to work in op shops around the country without the simple right to take a sick day. Religious charities pocket both the benefits of that free labour on top of the hundreds of millions in government funding to their very own Job Active/ParentsNext agencies that send people to work in their own stores.

Under this system, unemployed workers can be completely cut off Newstart if they refuse to attend unsafe work for the dole activities. Even though 64% of sites are failing to meet basic safety standards, jobseekers will be forced to accept any dangerous, hostile conditions they’re met with. (Jeremy Poxon)

The DESE site claims only not-for-profit organsiations can exploit Work for the Dole participants. In practice this often means religious charities. An evaluation of the Work for the Dole found that 27% of respondents worked in charity stores, over double the proportion carrying out any other activity.

In her 2019 article, What is wrong with Work for the Dole – reciprocity fail, former Jobs Australia policy advisor, Dr Simone Casey explains:

...most Work for the Dole activities are in large charities which can run the program at scale... evangelical Church-based charities with enormous factory buildings in industrial estates. In the various rooms of these building there were a range of basic activities available such as bead jewellery (i.e. threading beads onto a string); second-hand clothes sorting (for thrift or opp shops); and furniture restoration (i.e. cleaning and polishing donated goods).

The Salvation Army Annual Report (2019) boasts 10,000 'volunteers' across 340 op shops, St Vincent de Paul claims over 41,000 across all their activities, the Uniting Church 1,700 and the Brotherhood of St Laurence cite 1,200.

The slick Annual Reports where these figures are presented paint the number of 'volunteers' as an indication of the good will their brands enjoy, a blatant misrepresentation of the fact that job-seekers have no negotiating power in dealing with these organisations which also own the Job Active agencies that can cancel their Centrelink payments.

If these so called 'volunteers' are forced to work 25 hours a week at minimum wage amounts to a healthy donation of $500 a week per individual! These charities like to dazzle potential donors with numbers so I thought I'd shed some light on the incredible transfer of wealth from our poorest people to these charities below.

'Volunteers' Hours/Week1 week @ Minimum Wage6 months
1 25 $500$13,000Under 50
100 2,500 $50,000$130,000
1,000 25,000 $500,000$1,300,000
10,000 250,000 $5,000,000$130,000,000
1 15 $300$7,800Over 50
100 1,500$30,000 $780,000
1,000 15,000$300,000$7,800,000

What makes this exploitation more egregious is that these charities also run Job Active agencies bringing in millions more in government funding for sending income support recipients to work in these op shops and cancelling their payments under the flimsiest of pretexts.

DenominationJob Active Agents
Salvation Army177
Uniting Church63
Brotherhood of St Laurence50
Methodist (Wessley Mission)44

The abuse of this system by organisations selling themselves as doing a public good was brought into the open during the #NotADoleBludger campaign in 2019 which was an attempt to fight back against biased media reporting on income support recipients.

The privatised Job Services Australia took over from the government run CES as a response to rising structural unemployment- to create a system which increasingly places the blame and the cost of job shortages on the individuals with the least input into the policy system- easy targets of political spin. Far from creating jobs where there are none to be had, the new system is a thinly veiled mechanism to strip the poorest citizens of their most basic right to social security.

The punitive de-merit system brought in by the Liberals handed the power to suspend Centrelink payments to the corrupt Job Service network. Despite wide-spread rorting by employment services, Work for the Dole was expanded.

As the program grew, injury figures skyrocketed.

As a member of the Unemployed Workers Union, Mr Blacket has received many such reports, including a man who cut his leg working with machinery and another a week after open-heart surgery working in the hot sun.

If the death of teenager Josh Park-Fing is any indication, industry and government have shown an appalling history of transparency and accountability in protecting the safety of Work for the Dole workers.

Australia has now put our most vulnerable citizens' welfare in the hands of an industry so dysfunctional that the government had to push the reset button on more than one occasion.

While there are billions of dollars for employment services- not to mention $10,000 to each income support recipient forced onto the cashless welfare card- the government claims it can not afford to raise income support levels off the OECD floor.

Forcing people to work while labelling them as unemployed in the midst of a pandemic it has mismanaged on every front is a betrayal of everything the labour movement set out to accomplish.

The moral and ethical justification for it has always been problematic from a workers rights’ perspective because it disqualifies job seekers from fair wages and the protections of working conditions. (Dr Simone Casey)

It is time for this outrage to end.

Unemployment figures by electorate reveal the true challenge Australians now face

This Is What Three And A Half Million Jobkeeper Recipients Looks Like

Unemployment figures by electorate reveal the true challenge Australians now face

This Is What Three And A Half Million Jobkeeper Recipients Looks Like

The Cashless Welfare Card forces each recipient to share their entire purchase history with the government. In this article, I explain the human rights law that Australia is signatory to and the implications for the government in breaching that law.

Cashless Debit Card, Income Management And The Surveillance State

The Cashless Welfare Card forces each recipient to share their entire purchase history with the government. In this article, I explain the human rights law that Australia is signatory to and the implications for the government in breaching that law.

Cashless Debit Card, Income Management And The Surveillance State

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