Our Most Prolific Corporate Gift Givers

Rosie Williams

5th Apr 2019

Have you ever wondered which corporations give the most gifts to our federal politicians? If so, you've come to the right place. My recent analysis of the pecuniary interests register data (what politicians own, owe and are given) provides some answers.

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QANTAS is by far the most prolific corporate gift-giver to federal politicians and, their giving is certainly not restricted to providing flight upgrades.

QANTAS wants our federal MP's to celebrate the finer things in life with champagne and other assorted alcoholic beverages. The QANTAS Chairman's Lounge is also perk of the job, and one recently removed from Fraser Anning after his recent remarks sparked outrage on social media.

VIRGIN also rewards politicians for their custom, however there is a noticable lack of alcoholic beverages among the bounty.

The third most prolific corporate giver is non other than FOXTEL, which provides subscriptions to MP's.

This list of parliamentarians accepting subscriptions from FOXTEL which I provided to anti-racism campaigners Sleeping Giants last year proved so controversial that Sky and The Australian have been obsessed with Sleeping Giants ever since!

TELSTRA, OPTUS, TABCORP and EMIRATES feature strongly due to their gifts of tickets to events, although TELSTRA also gifts various communications equipment.

CropLife gift various foodstuffs including pudding.

Gifts and hospitality are only two types of declarations made to the pecuniary interests register. You can click on the list below to drill down into the information provided by federal politicians on what they own, owe or are given:

Other Assets
Other Income
Other Interests
Real Estate
Trusts - Beneficial Interest
Trusts - Trustee

If you want to know the political donations and Commonwealth tenders going to different organisations try this search.

Liberal MP Tony Pasin recently put it on the public record that he had cancelled his Foxtel subscription.

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