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Articles matching privacy

Censusfail: Why It Happened And What It Means Now

Published by Rosie Williams on 7th Sep 2019

The dialectical relationship between the Australian census and privacy legislation is about to take another turn.

The Data Sharing And Release Act Is Coming For Your Data

Published by Innovation Australia on 4th Sep 2019

This article explains what motivated me to get behind the #CensusFail campaign against the 2016 census. The article explains the history of the governance of administrative data and the changes I saw taking place to allow our data held by government agencies to be linked together into data integration projects to be shared with research and commercial interests.

We Are All Special Snowflakes And Why It Matters

Published by Rosie Williams on 28th Mar 2019

Macquarie university researcher responds to ABS TableBuilder claims.

Liberal Party Harnesses I360 Big Data In Time For 2019 Federal Election

Published by Independent Australia on 31st Oct 2018

The Koch brothers’ i360 data service is now being used by the Liberal Party of Australia. This article looks at the history of the organisation and the implications for our privacy and democracy.

Don’t Be The Next Business To Fall Victim To A Data Breach

Published by Iron Bastion on 24th Oct 2018

What is the difference between spam and phishing and why does it matter?

Privacy, Media And Politics: What Are Our Rights?

Published by Independent Australia on 7th Oct 2018

This article looks at the potential for collusion between the media and political parties, neither of which are covered by the Privacy Act.

Taking Over The Corporate Regulators One Ipa Appointment At A Time

Published by Independent Australia on 7th Sep 2018

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is the independent Commonwealth authority charged with governing access to government information and organisations that fall under the Privacy Act. This article traces the early years of the OAIC as it weathers attempts to abolish the office by the Abbott Government.

Deconstructing The Democracy Sausage

Published by Independent Australia on 3rd Sep 2018

This article looks at the privacy and security issues like to arise with attempts to move election voting online or through the use of voting machines.

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