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Within 28 days of any change, MP's and Senators must declare: Shareholdings in public and private companies (including holding companies) indicating the name of the company or companies.

127 Federal politicians listed by number of Shareholdings declared

John AlexanderLiberal Party of Australia48
Stuart RobertLiberal Party of Australia43
David GillespieThe Nationals41
Mike FreelanderAustralian Labor Party37
Tim StorerIndependent29
David LittleproudThe Nationals27
Malcolm TurnbullLiberal Party of Australia26
Cathy McGowanIndependent22
Ross HartAustralian Labor Party22
Jason FalinskiLiberal Party of Australia21
David LeyonhjelmLiberal Democratic Party20
Steve IronsLiberal Party of Australia20
Amanda RishworthAustralian Labor Party19
Dean SmithLiberal Party of Australia19
Tim WilsonLiberal Party of Australia19
Barry OSullivanThe Nationals14
Ken WyattLiberal Party of Australia13
Ted OBrienLiberal Party of Australia12
Derryn HinchDerryn Hinch's Justice Party11
Craig LaundyLiberal Party of Australia10
Graham PerrettAustralian Labor Party10
Josh WilsonAustralian Labor Party10
Rowan RamseyLiberal Party of Australia10
Kelly ODwyerLiberal Party of Australia9
Paul FletcherLiberal Party of Australia9
Ross VastaLiberal Party of Australia9
Barnaby JoyceThe Nationals8
Bert van ManenLiberal Party of Australia8
Meryl SwansonAustralian Labor Party8
Michelle RowlandAustralian Labor Party8
Rick WilsonLiberal Party of Australia8
Susan TemplemanAustralian Labor Party8
Andrew WallaceLiberal Party of Australia7
Brian MitchellAustralian Labor Party7
Melissa PriceLiberal Party of Australia7
Michael DanbyAustralian Labor Party7
David FeeneyAustralian Labor Party6
John McVeighLiberal Party of Australia6
Karen AndrewsLiberal Party of Australia6
Luke HartsuykerThe Nationals6
Mark CoultonThe Nationals6
Nola MarinoLiberal Party of Australia6
Dan TehanLiberal Party of Australia5
Rex PatrickCentre Alliance5
Angus TaylorLiberal Party of Australia4
David ColemanLiberal Party of Australia4
Jim ChalmersAustralian Labor Party4
Julia BanksLiberal Party of Australia4
Julian HillAustralian Labor Party4
Lucy WicksLiberal Party of Australia4
Peter DuttonLiberal Party of Australia4
Sarah HendersonLiberal Party of Australia4
Stirling GriffCentre Alliance4
Tony ZappiaAustralian Labor Party4
Wayne SwanAustralian Labor Party4
Andrew GilesAustralian Labor Party3
Anne StanleyAustralian Labor Party3
Cathy OTooleAustralian Labor Party3
Cory BernardiAustralian Conservatives3
Ian GoodenoughLiberal Party of Australia3
Ian MacdonaldLiberal Party of Australia3
Jane PrenticeLiberal Party of Australia3
Jason WoodLiberal Party of Australia3
Julie BishopLiberal Party of Australia3
Julie OwensAustralian Labor Party3
Keith PittThe Nationals3
Ken ODowdThe Nationals3
Kevin HoganThe Nationals3
Linda ReynoldsLiberal Party of Australia3
Nick ChampionAustralian Labor Party3
Scott BuchholzLiberal Party of Australia3
Shayne NeumannAustralian Labor Party3
Tim WattsAustralian Labor Party3
Andrew LeighAustralian Labor Party2
Bob KatterKatter's Australian Party2
Carol BrownAustralian Labor Party2
Catherine KingAustralian Labor Party2
Christopher PyneLiberal Party of Australia2
Concetta Fierravanti-WellsLiberal Party of Australia2
Darren ChesterThe Nationals2
David BushbyLiberal Party of Australia2
David FawcettLiberal Party of Australia2
Deborah ONeillAustralian Labor Party2
Gai BrodtmannAustralian Labor Party2
Janet RiceAustralian Greens2
Julian LeeserLiberal Party of Australia2
Julie CollinsAustralian Labor Party2
Madeleine KingAustralian Labor Party2
Marise PayneLiberal Party of Australia2
Matt ThistlethwaiteAustralian Labor Party2
Pauline HansonPauline Hanson's One Nation2
Russell BroadbentLiberal Party of Australia2
Steve GeorganasAustralian Labor Party2
Steven CioboLiberal Party of Australia2
Susan LambAustralian Labor Party2
Adam BandtAustralian Greens1
Andrew LamingLiberal Party of Australia1
Chris CrewtherLiberal Party of Australia1
Damian DrumThe Nationals1
Emma McBrideAustralian Labor Party1
George ChristensenThe Nationals1
Greg HuntLiberal Party of Australia1
Helen PolleyAustralian Labor Party1
Kimberley KitchingAustralian Labor Party1
Kristina KeneallyAustralian Labor Party1
Lee RhiannonAustralian Greens1
Linda BurneyAustralian Labor Party1
Llew OBrienThe Nationals1
Luke HowarthLiberal Party of Australia1
Mark DreyfusAustralian Labor Party1
Michael McCormackThe Nationals1
Nick McKimAustralian Greens1
Nigel ScullionCountry Liberal Party1
Pat ConroyAustralian Labor Party1
Patrick DodsonAustralian Labor Party1
Peter GeorgiouPauline Hanson's One Nation1
Peter KhalilAustralian Labor Party1
Peter Whish-WilsonAustralian Greens1
Rachel SiewertAustralian Greens1
Richard ColbeckLiberal Party of Australia1
Scott MorrisonLiberal Party of Australia1
Scott RyanLiberal Party of Australia1
Sharon ClaydonAustralian Labor Party1
Simon BirminghamLiberal Party of Australia1
Sussan LeyLiberal Party of Australia1
Tim HammondAustralian Labor Party1
Tony AbbottLiberal Party of Australia1

All 127 members and senators declaring Shareholdings

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