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Official portrait of Andrew Wilkie

Representative Andrew Wilkie from Denison Tasmania for Independent declared 16 interests as at 4th Sep 2017

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1 Transaction accounts x 2 Westpac Self31st Aug 2016
2 Transaction account ANZ Self31st Aug 2016
3 Transaction accounts x 2 Westpac Dependent Children31st Aug 2016
4 Home South Hobart TAS Self4th Sep 2017
5 Home loan Westpac Self31st Aug 2016
6 Credit cards Westpac Self31st Aug 2016
7 Motor vehicle Self31st Aug 2016
8 PSS Superannuation Self31st Aug 2016
9 BT Super (includes life ins.) Self31st Aug 2016
10 DFRDB (includes death benefit) Self31st Aug 2016
11 DFRDB pension Self31st Aug 2016
12 DVA pension Self31st Aug 2016
13 Book royalties Self31st Aug 2016
14 Foxtel subscription for Hobart office provided by ASTRA Self31st Aug 2016
15 Frequent flyer schemes and lounge memberships, and occasional upgrades from economy to business, from Qantas and Virgin Australia Self31st Aug 2016
16 Niece is the CEO of the Australian Airports Association Self31st Aug 2016
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No interests have been deleted by Andrew Wilkie since this project went live

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