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Official portrait of Matthew Canavan

Senator Matthew Canavan from Queensland for The Nationals declared 22 interests as at 27th Apr 2018

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1 Savings Bank of Queensland Self8th May 2017
2 Savings Commonwealth Bank Self28th Sep 2016
3 Savings HSBC Self28th Sep 2016
4 Savings ING Self28th Sep 2016
5 Residential Property Macquarie ACT Self21st Feb 2018
6 Principal Place of Residence Yeppoon QLD Self21st Feb 2018
7 Mortgage for principal place of residence - 24 November 2017 Commonwealth Bank Self15th Dec 2017
8 Mortgage on investment property Commonwealth Bank Self28th Sep 2016
9 Public Sector Superannuation Scheme Self28th Sep 2016
10 UniSuper Self28th Sep 2016
11 The Executive Superannuation Fund Self28th Sep 2016
12 Rental income from investment property Self28th Sep 2016
13 A charter flight from Charters Towers to Mt Isa, via Cloncurry was provided by Gulf Coast Group on 17 June 2016 Self28th Sep 2016
14 A charter flight from Mt Isa to Cairns via Vanrook and Lakeland was provided by Gulf Coast Group on 18 June 2016 Self28th Sep 2016
15 19.04.2018 Helicopter travel from Broome to Inpex Drilling Rig Tour (ENSCO-5006) and return to Broome Self27th Apr 2018
16 Austrade provided accommodation at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns on Sunday 19 November and Monday 20 November 2017 for the Northern Australia Investment Forum 2017 Self24th Nov 2017
17 On 30 August 2017, a charter flight from Brisbane to Darwin to Normantown was undertaken. Accommodation was provided on 30 & 31 August 2017 on a cattle station near Normanton. On 1 September, a charter flight was taken from Normanton to Miles and then car travel to Goondiwindi. Charter flights, accommodation and car travel were supplied by Stanbroke Pty Ltd Self4th Oct 2017
18 On 19 July 2017, Cairns Port Development organised a charter helicopter tour of the Cairns Port that departed from Aeroglen Self4th Aug 2017
19 On 7 May 2017, ExxonMobil organised a charter helicopter that flew from Essendon Airport to Longford then onto an offshore site, West Tuna platform for a 2hr offshore gas tour Self2nd Jun 2017
20 1hr helicopter tour provided by Aviator Group over the Port of Gladstone organised by Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited on Friday 7 April 2017 Self5th May 2017
21 Employment at Stanbroke Beef from October 2013 to June 2014 Self28th Sep 2016
22 Consultancy work for the Nationals September 2013 to January 2014 Self28th Sep 2016
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