What pollies own, owe & are given

Pecuniary Interests Register data

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Recent property declarations

Kerryn Phelps: Potts Point, NSW [21 Dec 2018]
Amanda Stoker: Bardon, QLD [18 Dec 2018]
Larissa Waters: Pullenvale, QLD [12 Oct 2018]
Mehreen Faruqi: Beaconsfield, NSW [06 Sep 2018]
Patrick Gorman: Mount Lawley, WA [20 Aug 2018]

Properties recently sold

Linda Burney: Marrickville, NSW [03 Apr 2019]
Matt Thistlethwaite: Matraville, NSW [02 Apr 2019]
Alan Tudge: Vermont South, VIC [11 Jan 2019]
Jenny Macklin: Ivanhoe , VIC [07 Jan 2019]
Karen Andrews: Forbes, NSW [03 Jan 2019]

All Declaration Categories

Accounts [829]
Bonds [212]
Directorships [241]
Gifts [2,295]
Liabilities [644]
Memberships [1,354]
Other Assets [502]
Other Income [312]
Other Interests [182]
Partnerships [36]
Real Estate [622]
Shareholdings [910]
Travel/Hospitality [1,805]
Trusts - Beneficial Interest [230]
Trusts - Trustee [71]
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Members and Senators Listed by Number of Travel Declared

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