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John Alexander Liberal Party of Australia Shareholdings
01 Mar 2018- Held by: Spouse
Caltex Australia Ltd Caltex Aus

James McGrath Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
28 Jul 2017- Held by: Self
V8 Supercar Boot - from Caltex Australia

Nicolle Flint Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
04 Oct 2016- Held by: Self
1 x signed bonnet of Holden Racing Car, Caltex

Mike Freelander Australian Labor Party Shareholdings
27 Sep 2016- Held by: Self/Spouse
Caltex Australia Ltd CTXHA - Caltex Australia - Pebema P/L

Paul Fletcher Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
20 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
Mens Sport jacket with Australian Coat of Arms, Nike & Caltex insignia. Received at Caltex - Welcome back to Parliament Cocktail event

Jason Clare Australian Labor Party Gifts
15 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
Caltex - branded jacket and notebook. Approximate value $100, Wednesday 14 September 2016