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Steven Ciobo Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
19 Sep 2018- Held by: Self
Ceramic candy pot from Mr Toshimitsu Motegi, Minister for Economic Revitalisation, Japan

Jane Prentice Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
14 Aug 2018- Held by: Self
Official gifts from Parliamentary hosts as part of a delegation to Taiwan: 2 Sty-art porcelain tea dishes, 2 Taiwan Ceramics porcelain Taiwan-style cups, Wang De Chuan tea packets, Yuan Chu Min ceramic puzzle salt and pepper set, Chintang Pottery crystalline porcelain tea set

Ross Hart Australian Labor Party Gifts
24 May 2018- Held by: Self
Gift of small ceramic Vase (approx. 15 cm tall) from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia - value unknown

Cathy McGowan Crossbench Gifts
27 Feb 2018- Held by: Self
Ceramic Dish - Gift from Minister Porter and Assistant Minister Jane Prentice / Australian Disability Enterprise

Tim Hammond Australian Labor Party Gifts
13 Nov 2017- Held by: Self
A ceramic bowl made by Australian Disability Enterprises, gifted by Hon Christian Porter MP, Minister for Social Services

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
15 May 2017- Held by: Self
Ernabella Ceramic Hand Painted Clay Vessel. I have retained the above gift and paid the Collector of Public monies the amount of $110.00 being the difference between the allowable limit and the value of the gift (inc gst)

Paul Fletcher Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
17 Oct 2016- Held by: Self
Ceramic figurine from Royal Goedewaagen received from Schipol during Ministerial visit. The item is within the allowable limit

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
05 Oct 2016- Held by: Self
Large ceramic vase from HE Mr Xi Jinping, President, Peoples Republic of China valued at $A790.00. I have declared and surrendered the above gifts to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet as per the attached Declaration of an Official Gift Exceeding Valuation Limit