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Concetta Fierravanti-Wells Liberal Party of Australia Memberships
19 Dec 2018- Held by: Self
15th November 2018 monetary donation to KidzWish Foundation Charity Ball 2018 of AUD $1000.

Joel Fitzgibbon Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
31 Aug 2018- Held by: Self
I recently accepted an invitation to play golf in a local Charity Golf Day partnered by Beyond Bank Australia and Strive for Autism. The team I played in was sponsored by NIB Health Fund

Murray Watt Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
06 Jul 2018- Held by: Self
2 x tickets to the Titan's Charity Ball at Movie World, dated 23 June 2018. Valued at $225 each. 2 tickets = $450

Steve Martin The Nationals Memberships
10 May 2018- Held by: Self
President Toast for Kids Charity Inc

Luke Gosling Australian Labor Party Gifts
27 Feb 2018- Held by: Self
Crocodile tongue from Crocodile Mick Pitman. I bought a crocodile head at a charity auction and the owner inserted a tongue in it for me for free. Value - priceless

Kelly O'Dwyer Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
10 Oct 2017- Held by: Self
I wish to inform you that I recently appeared on the Channel 10 television show Have You Been Paying Attention which aired on Monday 25 September 2017. As part of its usual practice, Have You Been Paying Attention provides an appearance fee of $1,000 to those who appear on the show. I asked that Have You Been Paying Attention instead directly provide the $1,000 to a charity in my local electorate, Very Special Kids. Very Special Kids and its hospice provides specialised respite care for children from across Victoria, and provides their families with the support they need while dealing with disability, major illness, and end-of-life care. As a long term support of Very Special Kids I was pleased to have the fee instead directed to their very important work.

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
30 Aug 2017- Held by: Self
RM Williams City Laptop Case. I have requested that the above gift be donated to a charity or non-profit organisation

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
23 Jan 2017- Held by: Self
Harrods Hamper from Pacific Century Group - $380.07. Donated to charity - ACT Palliative Care

Tony Abbott Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
14 Dec 2016- Held by: Spouse
At a charity event mym wife recently attended, she was given an item of jewellery from Bowerhaus

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells Liberal Party of Australia Memberships
29 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
GO Fund Charity