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Cathy McGowan Crossbench Gifts
19 Jun 2018- Held by: Self
Book: Australia's Red Tape Crisis - gift from Institute of Public Affairs

Chris Hayes Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
09 May 2018- Held by: Self
I recently travelled to Turkey from 20 April 2018 to 4 May 2018 to participate in a program arranged by the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance. I was also part of the Australian delegation at the Anzac Day ceremonies at Gallipoli. Together with an Officer of the Australian Embassy, I met with representatives of the UNHCR, as well as the leadership of various churches and service providers associated with the provision of humanitarian relief for displaced people as a consequence of the Middle East crisis. My travel and accommodation was provided by the Islamic Council of Halal Meats Australia

Andrew Gee The Nationals Gifts
31 May 2017- Held by: Self
Provided by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as the Member for Calare: 1. 1 x box of Lindt Prestige Selection Chocolate 2. 1 x glass ornament 3. 1 x printed copy of 'Quadrant' 4. 1 x book title 'World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace' 5. 1 x book title 'A Report on the Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan During the Year 2016 (Summary)' 6. 1 x book title 'Islam's Response to Contemporary Issues' 7. 1 x book 'Life of Muhammed'