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Jason Clare Australian Labor Party Gifts
31 Jan 2019- Held by: Self
Dr Amitabh Mattoo - 'Australia and India Mapping the Journey' book, approx. value $20.

Mitch Fifield Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
28 Jun 2018- Held by: Self
Two books, The Catch: The Story of Fishing in Australia, and The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis: Journeys into the wild, presented by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, Directory-General, National Library of Australia - 21 June 2018

Tim Watts Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
26 Mar 2018- Held by: Self
Complimentary family tickets to African Journey at Sundown at Werribee Zoo

Scott Morrison Liberal Party of Australia Travel/Hospitality
28 Sep 2017- Held by: Self
Clontarf Foundation - Outback Adventure In 2015, the Clontarf Foundation established an academy at Endeavour High School in my electorate of Cook. Catering for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male students from years 7-12, the Academy exists to improve their education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects. By doing so this equips them to participate meaningfully in society. I have seen firsthand the results the program is delivering locally and wanted to share this experience with others. So in August I joined some Clontarf graduates, their mentors and some of the business leaders who financially support the program on an outback trek to Bourke and Brewarrina. The aim was to give the kids another experience outside of school and footy. A mentoring type exercise allowing the boys to converse with people who have life experiences of their own to share and meet the Alumna. Visiting the Bourke and Brewarrina academies was further affirmation to me that the Governments, both State and Federal, should continue to support the Foundation. The boys and community attitude towards the boys future is one of promise and blue sky. The boys all have long term plans and goals for their future which would not exist without the Clontarf academies in their schools. I hope to make this journey an annual pilgrimage to the various Clontarf academies around Australia. Again taking with me mentor like figures from all walks of life, together with the financial support of Clontarf sponsors who made the trek possible. All transportation, meals and accommodation (mostly camping in some of the most beautiful outback areas of NSW) were directly covered by the Clontarf Foundation. I look forward to making similar trips with these amazing young leaders in the future

Gai Brodtmann Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
27 Sep 2016- Held by: Self/Spouse
Upgraded flight from Business Class to First Class - My husband and I travelled privately from Canberra to Spain on 9 July 2016, returning on 25 July 2016. We privately paid for return Business Class airfares with Emirates Airlines. On the outward journey we were upgraded to First Class from Dubai to Barcelona. On the return journey we were upgraded to First Class from Barcelona to Dubai and Dubai to Melbourne.