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Chris Ketter Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
05 Sep 2017- Held by: Self
Invitation to the opening performance of Swan Lake from QLD Ballet Chair, Mr Brett Clark - 2 tickets - 5/5/17

Jane Prentice Liberal Party of Australia Travel/Hospitality
01 Jun 2017- Held by: Self/Spouse
Tickets with hospitality at Opening Night of 'Swan Lake' with the Queensland Ballet for Mr & Mrs Prentice

Shayne Neumann Australian Labor Party Gifts
24 May 2017- Held by: Self
Tickets of opening night of Swan Lake from QLD Ballet (X2) (5 May 2017)

Milton Dick Australian Labor Party Gifts
23 May 2017- Held by: Self
Accepted 2 tickets to Queensland Ballet, opening night Swan Lake. Queensland Ballet. 5 May 2017

Jim Chalmers Australian Labor Party Gifts
22 May 2017- Held by: Self
Tickets to Opening Night of Swan Lake from QLD Ballet (x2) (5 May 2017)

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
09 Mar 2017- Held by: Self
Indigenous Artwork by Margaret Argent, Title: Salt Lake Outback. I have declared and surrendered this gift to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and it is currently on display in my Parliament House Office

Matthew Canavan The Nationals Gifts
28 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
A charter flight from Mt Isa to Cairns via Vanrook and Lakeland was provided by Gulf Coast Group on 18 June 2016

Tony Burke Australian Labor Party Memberships
22 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
Lakemba Bowling Club Benevolent Society

Darren Chester The Nationals Gifts
16 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
Lakes Entrance Golf Club - honorary membership