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Mitch Fifield Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
28 Jun 2018- Held by: Self
Two books, The Catch: The Story of Fishing in Australia, and The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis: Journeys into the wild, presented by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, Directory-General, National Library of Australia - 21 June 2018

Matt Thistlethwaite Australian Labor Party Gifts
27 Apr 2018- Held by: Self
A painting by Kurt Koeppl valued at $250, gifted by Richard and Phillip Walsh, of Walsh's village pharmacy, to Matt Thistlethwaite for hosting the opening of the 2017 Maroubra Art and Photography show

Lucy Wicks Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
29 Mar 2017- Held by: Self
Landscape photography on loan for display in office (Canberra and West Gosford) from Australian Landscape Gallery (3 pieces)