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Chris Hayes Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
09 May 2018- Held by: Self
I recently travelled to Turkey from 20 April 2018 to 4 May 2018 to participate in a program arranged by the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance. I was also part of the Australian delegation at the Anzac Day ceremonies at Gallipoli. Together with an Officer of the Australian Embassy, I met with representatives of the UNHCR, as well as the leadership of various churches and service providers associated with the provision of humanitarian relief for displaced people as a consequence of the Middle East crisis. My travel and accommodation was provided by the Islamic Council of Halal Meats Australia

Andrew Leigh Australian Labor Party Travel/Hospitality
12 Apr 2018- Held by: Self
Flight from Canberra to Auckland (4 April 2018), Auckland to Wellington (5 April 2018) and Wellington to Canberra (6 April 2018), accommodation in Auckland (night of 4 April 2018) and Wellington (night of 5 April 2018), meals, taxis and airport parking for trip to deliver lectures on inequality and meet with New Zealand public servants, community sector representatives, think-tank experts and parliamentarians. Provided by Presbyterian Support Northern

Christian Porter Liberal Party of Australia Trusts - Beneficial Interest
28 Mar 2017- Held by: Spouse
The two related financial occurrences noted in this letter do not presently require disclosure pursuant to clause 2(b)(i) or (ii) of the House of Representatives Resolution of 13 February 2008. However, because the second matter below may potentially give rise in the future to a disclosable interest, for the purpose of continuity I advise for the next volume of the tabling of members interest the events below that have occurred since the last tabling. 2. Family and business trusts and nominee companies After the death of her father, my wife Jennifer Porter, as the Executor named in her father's last will and testament, became her father's personal legal representative. As her father's personal legal representative, Jennifer Porter was appointed in October 2016 as the sole Director of WSN Holdings Pty Ltd, which company is the trustee of her late father's self-managed super-fund, the WSN Super Fund. Jennifer Porter is not a beneficiary of the WSN Super Fund. In December 2016, Jennifer Porter received the grant of probate in respect of her father's estate. While Jennifer Porter is a potential beneficiary of a future distribution of assets from eth estate of her late father, she has not yet received any distribution of assets from eth estate nor has any trust yet been created by her as Exectuor in relation to the estate assets.

Don Farrell Australian Labor Party Gifts
13 Jan 2017- Held by: Self
Ticket and hospitality for Day One of the Boxing Day Test, courtesy of Cricket Australia, Melbourne, 26 December 2016. Met with Cricket Australia (CA) CEO James Sutherland and other representatives of CA