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Marise Payne Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
14 Jan 2019- Held by: Self
15/11/2018 Framed Traditional Stone Axe Copper Beating. Hon Rimbink Pato MP, PNG's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Anthony Albanese Australian Labor Party Gifts
06 Dec 2018- Held by: Self
A decorative glass bowl and traditional Indigenous Message Stick from the City of Sterling.

Scott Morrison Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
27 Sep 2018- Held by: Self
Gift of a Traditional Acehnese hat from the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, valued at $750

Bridget McKenzie The Nationals Gifts
14 May 2018- Held by: Self
Traditional Sri Lankan bowl

Mitch Fifield Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
24 Apr 2018- Held by: Self
Framed artwork, boxed, Singaproe Traditional Sites - Racial Harmony, presented by the Singapore Minister for Communications and Information - 26 March 2018

Joel Fitzgibbon Australian Labor Party Gifts
09 Mar 2018- Held by: Self
A gift from Mr Elliott Charng from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. The gift was a traditional porcelain vase

Cathy McGowan Crossbench Gifts
19 Jun 2017- Held by: Self
Jill's Cuisine Traditional Tomato Relish - gift from Jill Davis

Marise Payne Liberal Party of Australia Gifts
21 Apr 2017- Held by: Self
1/12/2016 - Grandma's Puddings Traditional 1kg - Croplife

Julie Owens Australian Labor Party Gifts
27 Sep 2016- Held by: Self
1 traditional dress from Nigeria