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Official portrait of Anthony Albanese

On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, Sitting Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese declared 98 interests

Leader of the Opposition

Interests: 45th Parliament
Interests: 46th Parliament

Last declaration in database from ANTHONY ALBANESE is dated 30th July 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

Click on headings for details
1 Residential in Canberra ACT AustraliaSelf12th Sep 2016
2 Residential in Marrickville NSW AustraliaSelf/Spouse12th Sep 2016
3 Investment in Marrickville NSW AustraliaSelf/Spouse12th Sep 2016
4 Investment in Dulwich Hill NSW AustraliaSelf/Spouse12th Sep 2016
5 Director, Media Super Spouse12th Sep 2016
6 Director, Lysicrates Foundation Spouse12th Sep 2016
7 Mortgage on Dulwich Hill investment property Self12th Sep 2016
8 Mortgage on Marrickville investment property Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
9 Savings accounts CBA Self 12th Sep 2016
10 Savings accounts CBA Spouse 12th Sep 2016
11 Car Spouse12th Sep 2016
12 CEO of the NSW Mental Health Co-ordinating Council Spouse26th Jun 2018
13 A case of Hawke's Larger from Hawke's Brewing Company. Self19th Feb 2019
14 Australian Open tickets from Emirates and Tennis Australia. Self19th Feb 2019
15 Flights provided by the Australian American Leadership Dialogue between Los Angeles and Sydney and internal flights between Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. Self31st Jan 2019
16 Two cases of beer and one bottle of tawny port from Petersham Liquor Mart. Self31st Jan 2019
17 A decorative glass bowl and traditional Indigenous Message Stick from the City of Sterling. Self6th Dec 2018
18 A clay/pottery display dish from the Shire of Wyndham, East Kimberley. Self6th Dec 2018
19 A bottle of sunscreen from L'Oreal Australia. Self6th Dec 2018
20 A box of sweets from the Hindu Council of Australia. Self6th Dec 2018
21 A plum pudding from CropLife Australia. Self6th Dec 2018
22 A box of chocolates and chips from the Australian Food & Grocery council. Self6th Dec 2018
23 A calendar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan. Self6th Dec 2018
24 Two bottles of wine received as a gift from The Australian and the Melbourne Institute Self2nd Nov 2018
25 A gift bag containing a bottle of wine and a cap from the Bus Industry Confederation Self24th Oct 2018
26 A bottle of wine from the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Self9th Oct 2018
27 A pair of thongs from the Northern Territory News Self18th Sep 2018
28 A bottle of The Wreck beer gifted to me by Chuck Hahn on 1 August 2018 Self23rd Aug 2018
29 I received tickets to St Joan from Sydney Theatre Company Self26th Jun 2018
30 I received tickets to Sugar House from Belvoir St Theatre Self26th Jun 2018
31 I received a bottle of Old Young's gin from the City of Swan on the 27th of March 2018 Self11th Apr 2018
32 A small vase I received from the Taiwan representative on 28 February 2018 Self2nd Mar 2018
33 A gift pack from Clubs NSW on 21 December 2017 Self25th Jan 2018
34 Tickets to the cricket from Qantas on 5 January 2018 Self25th Jan 2018
35 Tickets to The Merry Widow from Opera Australia on 5 January 2018 Self25th Jan 2018
36 A t-shirt I received from the NSW ACT Independent Education Union on 23 October 2017 Self22nd Dec 2017
37 2 novels from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies on 27 October 2017 Self22nd Dec 2017
38 A novel from Inkerman & Blunt Publishers on 7 November 2017 Self22nd Dec 2017
39 A bottle of wine from the National Growth Areas Alliance on 20 November Self22nd Dec 2017
40 A set of coasters from City of Sterling Council on 28 November Self22nd Dec 2017
41 A travel wallet from Qantas on 9 December Self22nd Dec 2017
42 While leading a parliamentary delegation to India between 28 October and 4 November, I received some small gifts Self22nd Dec 2017
43 A mug I received on 23 October 2017 from Tourism Central Australia Self26th Oct 2017
44 A cap I received from Wayward Brewing Company on 22 October 2017 Self25th Oct 2017
45 Tickets I received to 'My Fair Lady' from Opera Australia on Sunday, 27 August 2017 Self29th Aug 2017
46 A book I received from AUJS title 'Jewish ANZACS' on Tuesday 15 August Self17th Aug 2017
47 A Paul Kelly record I received from Universal on Friday 11 August 2017 Self17th Aug 2017
48 A subscription to Foxtel from ASTRA Self10th Aug 2017
49 I received an engraved bucket from Earie Page College with beer from eth New England Brewing Company on Tuesday 18 July 2017 Self20th Jul 2017
50 I received a notebook from Leadership Ballarat and Western Region on Wednesday 21 June 2017 Self21st Jun 2017
51 I received a Monopoly board game from the TWU on Thursday 18 May 2017 Self19th Jun 2017
52 On Thursday 8 June 2017 I received tickets to the Sydney Swans v. Western Bulldogs from Seven West Media Self19th Jun 2017
53 On Wednesday 14 June 2017 I received tickets to the Midwinter Ball from Qantas Self19th Jun 2017
54 I received a hamper from Mr Anthony Fisk on 3 April 2017 Self9th May 2017
55 I also received a record player from Interdyn and a history book from Compass Housing on the 5th of May 2017 Self9th May 2017
56 I also received tickets to The Dog/The Cat from the Belvour Theatre on Saturday 15 April Self28th Apr 2017
57 On Wednesday 19 April I received a record and CD from The Polish Club Self28th Apr 2017
58 On 27 April I received a copy of the book 'Product 45 - Australian Punk/Post-Punk Record Covers' from Murray Bennett Self28th Apr 2017
59 On the 28th of March 2017 I received the Complete Jam DVD from Songland Records Self28th Mar 2017
60 On the 21st of March I received a bottle of wine from the City of Swan Self23rd Mar 2017
61 On the 22nd of March I received a jar of tomato relish from Jill's Cuisine of Jindera Self23rd Mar 2017
62 On the 7th of March I recived a USB from Penfolds Self14th Mar 2017
63 On the 11th of March I also received tickets to Adele from ANZ Stadium Self14th Mar 2017
64 On the 13th of March I received DVDs from Screen Australia Self14th Mar 2017
65 On the 21st of February 2017 I received a book, Penrith: The making of a city, from Penrith Council Self2nd Mar 2017
66 I received tickets to the 2017 Australian Open from Tennis Australia and Emirates Self15th Feb 2017
67 On 3 February 2017 I also received a bottle of wine from the TWU Self15th Feb 2017
68 On 15 February I received a pin and a football from the NRL Self15th Feb 2017
69 Tickets to Paul Weller that I received from Sydney Opera House on Saturday 27 January 2018 Self15th Feb 2017
70 I received tickets to the 3rd Test Australia v Pakistan from Cricket Australia in January Self20th Jan 2017
71 I received a ticket to Ladies in Black, for 6 January 2017, and ID, for 13 January 2017, from Sydney Festival Self20th Jan 2017
72 On Tuesday 10 January 2017 I received a box of chocolates from the Embassy of the State of Qatar Self20th Jan 2017
73 I received a caravanning and camping Monopoly board game from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia on the 20th of December 2016 Self23rd Dec 2016
74 Tickets to Speed-The-Plow from Sydney Theatre Company on 12 November 2016 Self22nd Nov 2016
75 A bottle of wine from the National Growth Areas Alliance on 14 November 2016 Self22nd Nov 2016
76 Return airfares from Sydney to Melbourne from Penguin Books on 20 November 2016 Self22nd Nov 2016
77 Box of chocolates from the Australian Airports Association on 21 November 2016 Self22nd Nov 2016
78 I received a cricket ball signed by Adam Gilchrist from the University of Wollongong on 19 October 2016 Self19th Oct 2016
79 On the 7th of October 2016, I received CDs from CAAMA Radio Self11th Oct 2016
80 On the 10th of October 2016 I received a bottle of wine from ACCI Self11th Oct 2016
81 I received a hamper from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia on the 29th of June 2016 Self12th Sep 2016
82 Tickets to Lord of the Flies on 27 July 2019 from Sydney Theatre Company Self27th Jul 2019
83 Tickets to State of Origin Game 3 on 10 July 2019 from NRL Self10th Jul 2019
84 Tickets to West Tigers vs South Sydney NRL game on 27 June 2019 from West Tigers Football Club Self27th Jun 2019
85 Tickets to Sydney vs Hawthorn AFL game on 21 June 2019 from Willard Public Affairs Self21st Jun 2019
86 Tickets to Sate of Origin Game 1 on 5 June 2019 from NRL Self5th Jun 2019
87 Tickets to Cosi on 4 May 2019 from Melbourne Theatre Company Self4th May 2019
88 Airfares, accommodation and ground transport provided by Air New Zealand on an overnight visit to Auckland and a bottle of wine gifted by the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association Self26th Nov 2018
89 Flights, accommodation and hospitality for a trip to Taiwan, 30 April 2018 - 3 May 2018, from the Taiwanese Government Self24th May 2018
90 Tickets and hospitality to the Commonwealth Games on Friday 13 April 2018 from Star Entertainment Group Self27th Apr 2018
91 The inaugural flight from Perth to London from Qantas, as well as the return flight, which included 3 nights' accommodation Self11th Apr 2018
92 Accommodation at Seaworld from the Today Show, Channel Nine on the 8th of September 2017 Self14th Sep 2017
93 I was a guest of the Singapore Government from the 31st March - 8th April and received accommodation and flights Self28th Apr 2017
94 I received upgrades on personally funded flights (Sydney to London, return) from QANTAS in September. Self11th Oct 2016
95 I received airfares (Sydney to Brisbane, return) and one night's accommodation in Brisbane from Penguin Books on the 5th of September 2016. Self12th Sep 2016
96 South Sydney RLFC(Life Member) Self30th Jul 2019
97 Qantas Chairman Lounge Self30th Jul 2019
98 Virgin Club Lounge Self30th Jul 2019

No interests have been deleted by ANTHONY ALBANESE since this project was last updated