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Official portrait of Andrew Broad

House of Representatives member Andrew Broad for Mallee on behalf of the The Nationals declared 37 interests.

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1 Bank accounts Bendigo Bank Self31st Aug 2016
2 Superannuation Asgard Self31st Aug 2016
3 Bank accounts Bendigo Bank Spouse31st Aug 2016
4 Superannuation First State Super Spouse31st Aug 2016
5 Primary Production/Residence Bendigo VIC 450 hectares of agricultural land, Central Victoria Self31st Aug 2016
6 Residence Mildura VIC Self/Spouse31st Aug 2016
7 Investment Mildura VIC Spouse31st Aug 2016
8 Investment Canberra ACT Spouse31st Aug 2016
9 Not provided Red Cliffs VIC Spouse2nd Apr 2019
10 Money owed Bendigo Bank Self31st Aug 2016
11 Money owed Bendigo Bank Spouse31st Aug 2016
12 Aircraft Self31st Aug 2016
13 Farm Machinery Self31st Aug 2016
14 Livestock Self31st Aug 2016
15 Livestock Spouse31st Aug 2016
16 Rental income - Mildura investment property Spouse27th Feb 2018
17 Proceeds from Primary Production Business Self31st Aug 2016
18 Share of proceeds from Primary Production Business Spouse31st Aug 2016
19 Wages Spouse31st Aug 2016
20 Telstra Cell Fi trial mobile booster for PPV (value $1000) Self2nd Jan 2018
21 Membership to Qantas Chairman's Lounge Self31st Aug 2016
22 Virgin Australia complimentary The Club Membership Self31st Aug 2016
23 Membership to Qantas Chairman's Lounge Spouse31st Aug 2016
24 Virgin Australia complimentary The Club Membership Spouse31st Aug 2016
25 Visited Bangladesh with a UNICEF delegation in role as Co-Chair of Parliamentary Friends of UNICEF. Purpose of trip was to look at role of Australian Aid, and the plight of Rohinga refugees. Economy class flights, accommodation and other trip costs funded by UNICEF. (January 2018) Self5th Feb 2018
26 Charter flights to the value of $500 (Dec 2017) Self2nd Jan 2018
27 Australian Parliamentary visit to the United Arab Emirates, incorporating Australia Unlimited Trade Fair, meeting with Australian Embassy staff, Australian Defence Force personnel, UAE/Australia Food Security Briefing, and tour of a Nuclear Power Plant. HH The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. 10/4/14 - 17/4/14 Self31st Aug 2016
28 Visit to Papua New Guinea as a guest of Save the Children Australia. Purpose of the trip was to look at Australian Aid in PNG. Visited Port Moresby and Goroka. Trip was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 27th July 2015 - 31st July 2015 Self31st Aug 2016
29 Australian Made Australian Grown Self31st Aug 2016
30 National Farmers Federation Self31st Aug 2016
31 Victorian Farmers Federation Self31st Aug 2016
32 Victorian Farmers Federation Self31st Aug 2016
33 National Party of Australia Self31st Aug 2016
34 Victorian Farmers Federation Spouse31st Aug 2016
35 National Party of Australia Spouse31st Aug 2016
36 Owner Andrew Broad (50%) Self31st Aug 2016
37 Owner Rachel Broad (50%) Spouse31st Aug 2016

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