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Official portrait of Ben Morton

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia, Sitting Member for Tangney, Ben Morton declared 53 interests

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Ben Morton is dated 18th March 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Ownership of Time share - Holiday Club in USA USASelf29th Nov 2016
2 45th parliament Ownership of Canberra accommodation in Griffith ACT AustraliaSelf20th Sep 2016
3 45th parliament Ownership of Home in Applecross WA AustraliaSelf/Spouse20th Sep 2016
4 45th parliament Shares, total partnership value less than $250 Non-active - family and friends share trading club - holding only residual shares pending closure Spouse20th Sep 2016
5 45th parliament Mortgages WestpacSelf20th Sep 2016
6 45th parliament Credit card WestpacSelf20th Sep 2016
7 45th parliament Credit card AmexSelf20th Sep 2016
8 45th parliament Hire purchase contract Blueforce Pty LtdSelf20th Sep 2016
9 45th parliament Mortgage WestpacSpouse20th Sep 2016
10 45th parliament Mortgage Commonwealth BankSpouse20th Sep 2016
11 45th parliament Credit card WestpacSpouse20th Sep 2016
1245th parliament Savings accounts Westpac Dependent Children 20th Sep 2016
1345th parliament Savings and transaction accounts Westpac Self 20th Sep 2016
1445th parliament Savings and transaction accounts Westpac Spouse 20th Sep 2016
1545th parliament Superannuation - Australian Super Self20th Sep 2016
1645th parliament Superannuation - PSS Self20th Sep 2016
1745th parliament Motor vehicle Self20th Sep 2016
1845th parliament Funds held in trust by Glomesh International Pty Ltd, pending the issue of new shares in Glomesh International Pty Ltd Self/Spouse20th Sep 2016
1945th parliament Superannuation - Australian Super Spouse20th Sep 2016
2045th parliament Superannuation - GESB Spouse20th Sep 2016
2145th parliament AGI tickets - EMINEM Spouse18th Mar 2019
2245th parliament Salary, WA Department of Education Spouse12th Feb 2019
2345th parliament Salary, Liberal Party of Australia (WA Division) Spouse4th Dec 2017
2445th parliament NRL WA - Ticket to the 2017 NRL Grand Final and related hospitality Self17th Oct 2017
2545th parliament AMP - Wallabies vs Scotland match Self19th Jun 2017
2645th parliament NRL WA - 1 x ticket to the 2016 NRL Grand Final and related hospitality Self19th Oct 2016
2745th parliament Australian Rugby League Commission - 1 x ticket to the Perth Rugby League Test Match Self19th Oct 2016
2845th parliament AHA WA - beverages for post Maiden Speech drinks Self19th Oct 2016
2945th parliament Foxtel in electorate office Self20th Sep 2016
3045th parliament Airline lounge membership - Qantas Self20th Sep 2016
3145th parliament Airline lounge membership - Virgin Self20th Sep 2016
3245th parliament Limited pro bono legal advice - Mr Steven Penglis & Mr Richard Graham Self20th Sep 2016
3345th parliament Airline lounge membership - Qantas Spouse20th Sep 2016
3445th parliament Airline lounge membership - Virgin Spouse20th Sep 2016
3545th parliament AGI - tickets, Phil Collins, Mumford and Sons Self12th Feb 2019
3645th parliament AGI/BCG - tickets, Wildcats Self12th Feb 2019
3745th parliament WACA - tickets, Big Bash League Self12th Feb 2019
3845th parliament AGI - Taylor Swift Concert Self23rd Oct 2018
3945th parliament NRL WA - 2018 NRL Grand Final and related hospitality Self23rd Oct 2018
4045th parliament Seven West Media - Telethon Lexus Ball Self23rd Oct 2018
4145th parliament Joondalup Health Campus - AFL tickets, Optus Stadium Self21st Aug 2018
4245th parliament RediMed - AFL tickets, Optus Stadium Self26th Jun 2018
4345th parliament Virgin Australia - flight upgrades Self26th Jun 2018
4445th parliament AGI - tickets Disney on Ice Self26th Jun 2018
4545th parliament AGI - Tickets Hopman Cup Tennis Tournament Self5th Feb 2018
4645th parliament AGI - tickets, Wiggles/Stevie Nicks/RLWC-GF Self4th Dec 2017
4745th parliament Guest of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation to observe the 2017 German Election Self17th Oct 2017
4845th parliament Virgin - upgrade Self19th Jun 2017
4945th parliament Virgin - upgrades Spouse22nd May 2017
5045th parliament Flights and accommodation, Australian News Channel Self31st Mar 2017
5145th parliament Qantas - upgrades Self7th Feb 2017
5245th parliament Qantas - upgrade Self29th Nov 2016
5345th parliament South of Perth Yacht Club Self20th Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by Ben Morton since this project was last updated