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Australian locations of properties declared by Bob Katter

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House of Representatives member Bob Katter for Kennedy on behalf of the Katter's Australian Party declared 24 interests.

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1 The usual savings and cheque accounts ANZ Self12th Oct 2016
2 The usual savings and cheque accounts Commonwealth Self12th Oct 2016
3 The usual savings and cheque accounts Westpac Self12th Oct 2016
4 The usual savings and cheque accounts Etc Self12th Oct 2016
5 A number of AMP shares Self12th Oct 2016
6 She does not provide me with this information - regards this as personal news Spouse12th Oct 2016
7 My wife has at times bought and sold some investment properties. She regards this as her private business Spouse12th Oct 2016
8 Loans ANZ Self12th Oct 2016
9 Loans Commonwealth Self12th Oct 2016
10 Loans NAB Self12th Oct 2016
11 Loans Metway Self12th Oct 2016
12 Loans Others Self12th Oct 2016
13 I assume that my wife has property loans and other loans She does business with the above and other banks from time to time Spouse12th Oct 2016
14 Part ownership of a rental property in Charters Towers Self12th Oct 2016
15 None of the present that I can think of Spouse12th Oct 2016
16 I may from time-to-time get royalties from book sales Self15th Aug 2017
17 Refer to page 2, 2 (1) Family and business trust and nominee companies"" Self12th Oct 2016
18 Income from investment properties Spouse12th Oct 2016
19 Use of a private aircraft from time to time, sometimes during election campaigns Self12th Oct 2016
20 Interest in phosphate and fertilizer - I would like to take up an interest in the development of phosphate and fertilizer in North Queensland. I will seek to be involved, possibly in a shareholding role. This may or may not eventuate but I believe that projects such as this will not go forward unless people like myself are involved. I personally believe that such projects are also a good long-term investment Self31st May 2017
21 Some members of my family may have interests in cattle and proposed developments in the cattle industry. Whilst no specifics to my knowledge exist at this stage, discussions are taking place Self12th Oct 2016
22 Brother-in-law John O'Brien heads Hill Michael. A company that is involved with negotiations regarding the Clean Energy Corridor for North West Queensland. (This comment may not be valid) Self12th Oct 2016
23 I may have some interest in cattle operations in the gulf. Also I have close friends and relatives that will benefit directly and indirectly with the creation and opening up of the beef highway into Indonesian and China. And in mining nothing definite at this stage but I intend to take up old mining tenements discovered by myself prior to going into Parliament. Self12 Oct 2016
24 My wife has an interest in a trust that has interests in some cattle operations in Cape York Spouse12 Oct 2016

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