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Australian locations of properties declared by Brendan O'Connor

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House of Representatives member Brendan O'Connor for Gorton on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 29 interests.

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1 Savings Commonwealth Bank Self28th Sep 2016
2 Savings Commonwealth Bank Spouse28th Sep 2016
3 Savings Commonwealth Bank Dependent Children28th Sep 2016
4 I have purchased a property primarily for personal use. However, it will also be rented out on an infrequent basis Lorne VIC Self27th Mar 2018
5 Residential Keilor VIC Self28th Sep 2016
6 Investment Griffith ACT Self28th Sep 2016
7 Mortgage on Lorne property Commonwealth Bank Self27th Mar 2018
8 Mortgage on Griffith investment Commonwealth Bank Self28th Sep 2016
9 Superannuation (non-parliamentary) Self28th Sep 2016
10 Superannuation Spouse28th Sep 2016
11 2 x tickets to the Australian Open Women's Singles Final from Channel 7 on 27 January 2018 Self8th Feb 2018
12 2 x tickets to Day 3 of the Boxing Day Ashes Test from Cricket Australia on 28 December 2017 Self22nd Jan 2018
13 2 x Tickets to Derby Day - Provided by Emirates Self5th Dec 2017
14 2 x Tickets to Melbourne Cup - Provided by Lion Corporate Self5th Dec 2017
15 On 18/10/2017 I accepted a National Press Club membership and a bottle of wine from the National Press Club Self18th Oct 2017
16 On 22 June 2017 the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA) provided my Electorate Office with a complimentary ongoing Foxtel Pay TV subscription Self5th Jul 2017
17 2 x tickets to Bruce Springsteen concert at AAMI Park on 4/2/2017 provided by Mushroom Group Self6th Feb 2017
18 Cricket Australia provided 2 tickets to Day 3 of the Commonwealth Bank Test Series Australia v Pakistan at the MCG of December 28, 2016 Self16th Jan 2017
19 X2 tickets for Derby Day 2016 - tickets provided care of Emirates Self9th Nov 2016
20 X2 tickets for Melbourne Cup 2016 - tickets provided care of Lion Nathan Self9th Nov 2016
21 National Press Club membership Self18th Oct 2017
22 Australian Labor Party (ALP) Self28th Sep 2016
23 Australian Services Union (ASU) Self28th Sep 2016
24 Celtic Club Self28th Sep 2016
25 Amnesty International Self28th Sep 2016
26 Australian Labor Party (ALP) Spouse28th Sep 2016
27 Australian Services Union (ASU) Spouse28th Sep 2016
28 Celtic Club Spouse28th Sep 2016
29 Online store selling headwear and accessories for women undergoing cancer treatment and receiving donations on behalf of registered cancer charities Baldilicious Spouse28 Sep 2016

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Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Brendan O'Connor is dated 27th March 2018 If last stamp on declarations at differs by more than a few days ping Rosie @info_aus.

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