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Official portrait of Bridget McKenzie

On behalf of the National Party of Australia, Sitting Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie declared 84 interests

Minister for Agriculture, Leader of The Nationals in the Senate

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Bridget McKenzie is dated 23rd April 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Ownership of investment property in Elwood VIC AustraliaSelf29th Sep 2016
2 45th parliament Mortgage on residential property ANZSelf29th Sep 2016
345th parliament Savings Police Credit Corp Self 29th Sep 2016
445th parliament Savings ANZ Self 29th Sep 2016
545th parliament Savings Bendigo Bank Self 29th Sep 2016
645th parliament Rental income Self28th Oct 2016
745th parliament 2 x Boxing Day Test tickets 3 days - Cricket Australia Self21st Jan 2019
845th parliament 2 x T20 Big Bash tickets - Cricket Australia Self21st Jan 2019
945th parliament 2 x Melbourne Victory Soccer tickets - Melbourne Victory Football Club Self21st Jan 2019
1045th parliament Virgin The Club Member - Virgin Airlines Self21st Jan 2019
1145th parliament Qantas Chairmas Lounge Member - Qantas Self21st Jan 2019
1245th parliament Fox subscription in Electorate Office - ASTRA Self21st Jan 2019
1345th parliament Commonwealth Games framed Medals Self11th Sep 2018
1445th parliament Commonwealth Games framed Jacket Self11th Sep 2018
1545th parliament AFL Indigenous Jersey Self11th Sep 2018
1645th parliament Brewers Showcase gift bag Self11th Sep 2018
1745th parliament Essendon Football Club 2018 signed team Jersey Self11th Sep 2018
1845th parliament Wheelchair Rugby Ticket Self11th Sep 2018
1945th parliament Australian National Beach Volleyball Team signed ball Self11th Sep 2018
2045th parliament Pyeong Chang Participation Medals Self11th Sep 2018
2145th parliament Ice hockey tickets Self11th Sep 2018
2245th parliament T20 World Cup Criket Bat Self27th Aug 2018
2345th parliament SSAA Shot Expo Entry Ticket Self27th Aug 2018
2445th parliament Rugby Union Wallabies v Ireland Ticket Self27th Aug 2018
2545th parliament State of origin jersey X 2 Self26th Jun 2018
2645th parliament State of origin scarf X 2 Self26th Jun 2018
2745th parliament SCG Trust Scarf Self26th Jun 2018
2845th parliament FFA Scarf and Hat Self26th Jun 2018
2945th parliament Cricket Australia Indigenous cricket team signed shirt & T20 team signed bat Self26th Jun 2018
3045th parliament Raiders tickets Self26th Jun 2018
3145th parliament Vixens netball tickets x 2 Self26th Jun 2018
3245th parliament Australian Diamonds backpack, jacket & hat Self14th May 2018
3345th parliament Fiji Commonwealth Games 2018 official shirt Self14th May 2018
3445th parliament Australian Commonwealth Games Clothes Self14th May 2018
3545th parliament Traditional Sri Lankan bowl Self14th May 2018
3645th parliament Bangladesh desktop ornament Self14th May 2018
3745th parliament Spalding basketball Self14th May 2018
3845th parliament Netball Self14th May 2018
3945th parliament Matilda's Onfield Shirt - signed Self5th Mar 2018
4045th parliament Commonwealth Games Cap, Shirt & display Relay Torch Self5th Mar 2018
4145th parliament AOC Outdoor apparel and gear Self5th Mar 2018
4245th parliament Austrian Olympic Team Blanket & Beanie Self5th Mar 2018
4345th parliament Commonwealth Games hard hat and cap Self5th Mar 2018
4445th parliament Boxed bottle of Wine with accessories Self5th Mar 2018
4545th parliament 4 dozen bottles of wine Self5th Feb 2018
4645th parliament Fowles Wine Framed Poster Self5th Feb 2018
4745th parliament Australian Netball Diamonds Dress Framed Self5th Feb 2018
4845th parliament 2017 KFC Big Bash Ticket Self5th Feb 2018
4945th parliament Outdoor Equipment - Tennis Rackets Self5th Feb 2018
5045th parliament Official Event and Ashes Tickets Self5th Feb 2018
5145th parliament Official Event and Mens AO Final Ticket Self5th Feb 2018
5245th parliament Official Speaking Event and Womens OA Semi Final Ticket Self5th Feb 2018
5345th parliament 2017 AFL Grand Final Tickets Self14th Nov 2017
5445th parliament Bottle of Tasmanian Scotch Self29th Sep 2016
5545th parliament Sports and Recreation Clothing Self29th Sep 2016
5645th parliament 1 x Ticket Women's Semi-Final Australia Open Melbourne 2019 - Tennis Australia. Self23rd Apr 2019
5745th parliament 4 x Corporate Tickets Australia Open Womens Final Melbourne 2019 - Nine and Emirates. Self23rd Apr 2019
5845th parliament 2 x Tickets Australia Open Mens Final Melbourne 2019 - Tennis Australia. Self23rd Apr 2019
5945th parliament 1 x Ticket AFLW Grand Final - AFLW. Self23rd Apr 2019
6045th parliament Game Day Origin Corporate Lunch Self26th Jun 2018
6145th parliament State of origin tickets and hospitality X 2 Self26th Jun 2018
6245th parliament AOC Hospitality Self5th Mar 2018
6345th parliament Flight Upgrade Self5th Feb 2018
6445th parliament Complimentary REX Flights Self5th Feb 2018
6545th parliament 2017 Derby Days Tickets and Corporate Hospitality Self14th Nov 2017
6645th parliament 2017 Melbourne Cup Tickets and Corporate Hospitality Self14th Nov 2017
6745th parliament 2017 Dairy Farmers Quality Awards accommodation - Adelaide Self14th Nov 2017
6845th parliament 2016 Derby Day tickets and Corporate Hospitality Self28th Nov 2016
6945th parliament 2016 Melbourne Cup tickets and Corporate Hospitality Self28th Nov 2016
7045th parliament 2016 AFR Education Conference Self28th Nov 2016
7145th parliament Asialink Conference, accommodation, Japan Self29th Sep 2016
7245th parliament AGEM Conference, accommodation, Sydney Self29th Sep 2016
7345th parliament Tickets, ANZ Championship Netball, Semi-Final & Final, Melbourne Self29th Sep 2016
7445th parliament Outdoor activities, accommodation & meals, New Zealand, 2015 Self29th Sep 2016
7545th parliament Tickets AFL Game, Geelong, 2015 Self29th Sep 2016
7645th parliament Australian Parliamentary visit UAE, flights & accommodation April 2015 Self29th Sep 2016
7745th parliament Federal Parliamentary Study Group visit, Israel, flights, accommodation May 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
7845th parliament Opening Ski Season, Hotham, flights & accommodation, 7 June 2015 Self29th Sep 2016
7945th parliament Tickets Australian Open, Melbourne, 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
8045th parliament T20 Cricket tickets, corporate hospitality, 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
8145th parliament APEC Delegation, Japan, 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
8245th parliament AFL tickets & corporate hospitality, Melbourne 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
8345th parliament One way flight, accommodation, meals, outdoor activity, Tasmania 2016 Self29th Sep 2016
8445th parliament Tickets AFL Grand Final, corporate hospitality, Melbourne, 2016 Self29th Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by Bridget McKenzie since this project was last updated