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Official portrait of Chris Crewther

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia, Former Member for Dunkley, Chris Crewther declared 73 interests

Interests: 45th Parliament

Last declaration in database from CHRIS CREWTHER is dated 13th February 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

Click on headings for details
1 SMSF - Units in VHT - Vanguard Health Care Exchange Traded Fund (listed on the New York stock exchange) Self22nd Oct 2018
2 SMSF - Units in VGT - Vanguard Information Technology Exchange Traded Fund (listed on the New York stock exchange) Self22nd Oct 2018
3 SMSF - Units in BRK - Berkshire Hathaway Class B Shares Self22nd Oct 2018
4 SMSF - Units in PIXX - Platinum International Exchange Traded Fund (listed on the Australian stock exchange) Self22nd Oct 2018
5 SMSF - Units in VHY - Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield Exchange Traded Fund (listed on the Australian stock exchange) Self22nd Oct 2018
6 Investment - Gretals Australia PL Self10th Sep 2018
7 CJC Property Consultants Pty Ltd (t/a Nineteen Consulting) Self23rd Sep 2016
8 Currently dormant Listed Beneficiary BDC & Associates Family Trust Self23 Sep 2016
9 Crewther Family Trust Crewther Family Trust Self/Spouse/Dependent Children08 May 2018
10 Self Managed Super Fund Corporate trustee Crewther Do Pty Ltd Self/Spouse22nd Oct 2018
11 Crewther Family Trust Crewther Family Trust Spouse8th May 2018
12 Residential in Mount Eliza VIC AustraliaSelf/Spouse17th Jan 2017
13 Investment in Brunswick West VIC AustraliaSelf/Spouse23rd Sep 2016
14 Zoe Support Australia Ltd NFP support for young mothersSelf23rd Sep 2016
15 CJC Property Consultants PL (t/a Nineteen Consulting) Agricultural trade and consulting (currently dormant)Self23rd Sep 2016
16 Mortgages Homeloans & Mortgage EzySelf/Spouse15th Jun 2017
17 Chattel mortgage - private vehicle Alphera FinanceSelf/Spouse23rd Sep 2016
18 Redraw account With Home Loans Self 17th Jan 2017
19 Savings account ING Direct Self 23rd Sep 2016
20 Offset account Mortgage Ezy Self/Spouse 15th Jun 2017
21 Offset transaction account 1 AMP Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
22 Offset transaction account 2 AMP Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
23 Savings account NAB Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
24 Transaction account NAB Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
25 Savings account 1 UBank (NAB) Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
26 Savings account 2 UBank (NAB) Self/Spouse 23rd Sep 2016
27 Crewther Do Superannuation Fund Self/Spouse22nd Aug 2018
28 AustralianSuper Self/Spouse23rd Oct 2016
29 Private vehicle Self/Spouse23rd Sep 2016
30 Tennis Australia - Australian Open tennis ickets and lunch for self and spouse. Access to tennis courts for self. Self/Spouse13th Feb 2019
31 Astra Subscriptions - 12 month subscription for pay TV for Electorate Office Self27th Jul 2017
32 Complimentary tickets to a Big Bash Cricket match - guest of CUA Credit Union and Financial Services Self17th Jan 2017
33 Tickets: Australian Open Tennis 2017 Self/Spouse23rd Oct 2016
34 Astra Subscriptions Pay TV for Electorate Office Self23rd Sep 2016
35 Complimentary Mornington Golf Course Membership Self23rd Sep 2016
36 Qantas Chairman's Lounge Membership Self/Spouse23rd Sep 2016
37 Virgin 'The Club' Lounge Membership Self/Spouse23rd Sep 2016
38 PIPA Programme (France) - flights, accommodation, travel, interpreter and some food covered by French Government Self22nd Aug 2018
39 Kosovo delegation - some internal vehicular travel and some food covered by Kosovo Government Self22nd Aug 2018
40 Hospitality/catering from Australian Leisure and Hospitality Self22nd May 2018
41 Save the Children Delegation to Solomon Islands sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - airfares, accommodation, travel, some food Self6th Feb 2018
42 Pacific Friends of Global Fund (Parliamentary delegation on HIV/Tuberculosis/Malaria to Myanmar/Thailand) - flights, accommodation and travel costs Self27th Jul 2017
43 Mount Eliza Woodland Residents Association Inc Self8th May 2018
44 Frankston Football Club 2018 Membership Self4th Jan 2018
45 Langwarrin Community Centre Membership Self4th Jan 2018
46 Action Sweetwater Creek Inc (Membership) Self25th Sep 2017
47 Seaford RSL (Affiliate Membership) Self25th Sep 2017
48 IHG Club (Platinum Member) Self25th Sep 2017
49 Europcar (Privilege Club) Self25th Sep 2017
50 Committee for Greater Frankston Self15th Jun 2017
51 Australian Welsh Male Choir Self23rd Oct 2016
52 Rotary Club of Frankston Self23rd Sep 2016
53 Frankston Business Network Self23rd Sep 2016
54 Golden Key International Honour Society (ANU and UC) Self23rd Sep 2016
55 Mensa (Australian Mensa Inc) Self23rd Sep 2016
56 Global Voices Self23rd Sep 2016
57 Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy Alumni Self23rd Sep 2016
58 Australian National University Alumni Self23rd Sep 2016
59 The University of Canberra Alumni Self23rd Sep 2016
60 St Hilda's College, The University of Melbourne, Alumni Self23rd Sep 2016
61 Real Estate Institute of New South Wales Self23rd Sep 2016
62 Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) Self23rd Sep 2016
63 Velocity (Virgin Australia) Self23rd Sep 2016
64 Qantas (OneWorld) Self23rd Sep 2016
65 Naked Wines Self23rd Sep 2016
66 Law Institute of Victoria Spouse23rd Sep 2016
67 Dress for Success Mornington Peninsula Spouse23rd Sep 2016
68 Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) Spouse23rd Sep 2016
69 Australian National University Alumni Spouse23rd Sep 2016
70 Burgmann College Alumni Spouse23rd Sep 2016
71 Velocity (Virgin Australia) Spouse23rd Sep 2016
72 Qantas (OneWorld) Spouse23rd Sep 2016
73 Golden Key International Honour Society (ANU) Spouse23rd Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by CHRIS CREWTHER since this project was last updated