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Official portrait of Catherine King

House of Representatives member Catherine King for Ballarat on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 30 interests.

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1 Savings Accounts Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
2 Cheque Account Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
3 Cheque Account Westpac Spouse29th Sep 2016
4 Savings Account Westpac Dependent Children29th Sep 2016
5 One Steel Shares Spouse29th Sep 2016
6 GDF Suez Shares Spouse29th Sep 2016
7 Family Home Ballarat VIC Self/Spouse29th Sep 2016
8 Husband entered contract with Toyota Finance for purchase of new vehicle - includes staff family discount. Contract commences on delivery of vehicle - expected May Toyota Finance Spouse28th Mar 2017
9 Mortgage Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
10 Credit Card Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
11 Mortgage Westpac Spouse29th Sep 2016
12 Credit Card Westpac Spouse29th Sep 2016
13 Motor vehicle Spouse29th Sep 2016
14 PSS Superannuation Self29th Sep 2016
15 KPMG Superannuation Self29th Sep 2016
16 Sovereign Hill - Ballarat Spouse29th Sep 2016
17 ADF - Navy Reserve Spouse29th Sep 2016
18 My spouse, Mark Karolvic received The Prince of Wales Award - a scholarship from the Australian Defence Force at the value of $8,000. Spouse14th Jan 2019
19 I have received a subscription from Foxtel for my electorate office in Ballarat Self29th Oct 2018
20 Official Richmond Football Club Dreamtime Guernsey for 2018, signed by the clubs Aboriginal + Torres Strait Islander players. Received in my capacity as Co-Convenor of Tigers on the Hill Self21st Jun 2018
21 I have accepted a Foxtel subscription for my Electorate Office Self8th Jan 2018
22 Tickets and hospitality were provided to me by Victorian Employee Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the AFL Grand Final Self5th Oct 2017
23 I have accepted a prize from the Ballarat Courier of two full-page advertisements. The prize was for this years' footy tipping competition Self11th Sep 2017
24 Foxtel subscription - electorate office Self29th Sep 2016
25 Foxtel Press Gallery Ball ticket Self29th Sep 2016
26 I have received two tickets and hospitality for the ALF preliminary final on Friday the 21st September as a guest of the Australian Football League. I accepted these tickets in my capacity as co-convenor of Tigers on the Hill Self29th Oct 2018
27 Travel, accommodation and hospitality were provided to me by Pacific Friends of the Global Fund to travel with a Parliamentary Delegation to Thailand from the 24th June - 27th June 2017. The total cost was $5,301.03 Self4th Aug 2017
28 Australian Republican Movement Self29th Sep 2016
29 Australian Republican Movement Spouse29th Sep 2016
30 North Melbourne Football Club Spouse29th Sep 2016

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