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Official portrait of Cathy McGowan

On behalf of the Crossbench, Former Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan declared 255 interests

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Cathy McGowan is dated 5th April 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Graincorp Self10th Oct 2016
2 45th parliament BHP Billiton Self10th Oct 2016
3 45th parliament Cochlear Self10th Oct 2016
4 45th parliament Telstra Self10th Oct 2016
5 45th parliament Viterra Corp Self10th Oct 2016
6 45th parliament Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Self10th Oct 2016
7 45th parliament QBE Self10th Oct 2016
8 45th parliament Oilsearch Self10th Oct 2016
9 45th parliament Funtastic Self10th Oct 2016
10 45th parliament Catherine McGowan Consulting Self10th Oct 2016
11 45th parliament YCDCo Self10th Oct 2016
12 45th parliament BHP Billiton Spouse10th Oct 2016
13 45th parliament ANZ Spouse10th Oct 2016
14 45th parliament Incitec Pivot Spouse10th Oct 2016
15 45th parliament Graincorp Spouse10th Oct 2016
16 45th parliament QUBE Spouse10th Oct 2016
17 45th parliament Worley Parsons Spouse10th Oct 2016
18 45th parliament South 32 Spouse10th Oct 2016
19 45th parliament Sonic Healthcare Spouse10th Oct 2016
20 45th parliament Allandale Rand P/L Spouse10th Oct 2016
21 45th parliament JH Wolfendon Investment P/L Spouse10th Oct 2016
22 45th parliament Southern Agventure Spouse10th Oct 2016
23 45th parliament Nominee Co Beneficiary JH Woldenden Nominee P/L Spouse10 Oct 2016
24 45th parliament Discretionary Trust Beneficiary DH Woldenden Family Trust Spouse10 Oct 2016
25 45th parliament Ownership of Home & Farm in Chiltern VIC AustraliaSelf10th Oct 2016
26 45th parliament Ownership of investment property in Wodonga VIC AustraliaSelf10th Oct 2016
27 45th parliament Ownership of Home & Farm in Urana NSW AustraliaSpouse10th Oct 2016
28 45th parliament Ownership of investment property in Urana NSW AustraliaSpouse10th Oct 2016
29 45th parliament Walbundrie Co-op Rural SalesSpouse10th Oct 2016
30 45th parliament JHW Nominees FarmingSpouse10th Oct 2016
31 45th parliament JHW Investment FarmingSpouse10th Oct 2016
32 45th parliament Allandale Rand FarmingSpouse10th Oct 2016
33 45th parliament Business Loan ANZ BankSpouse10th Oct 2016
3445th parliament Credit card Westpac Self 10th Oct 2016
3545th parliament Saving account WAW Credit Union Self 10th Oct 2016
3645th parliament Investment account WAW Credit Union Self 10th Oct 2016
3745th parliament On line account WAW Credit Union Self 10th Oct 2016
3845th parliament Business account WAW Credit Union Self 10th Oct 2016
3945th parliament Investment account ANZ Bank Spouse 10th Oct 2016
4045th parliament Motor vehicle Self10th Oct 2016
4145th parliament Superannuation Self10th Oct 2016
4245th parliament Farm, plant & livestock Self10th Oct 2016
4345th parliament Farm, plant & livestock Spouse10th Oct 2016
4445th parliament Life insurance, First State Superannuation Spouse10th Oct 2016
4545th parliament Motor vehicle Spouse10th Oct 2016
4645th parliament Australian Wool Innovation - consultancy contract Self10th Oct 2016
4745th parliament Director - Murray Local Land Services Spouse10th Oct 2016
4845th parliament Book: Spiritual Business. Gift from Alex Graham (Author). Self5th Apr 2019
4945th parliament L Roche-Posay Anthelios X. Gift from L'Oreal. Self5th Apr 2019
5045th parliament Hamper of grocery items. Gift from Australian Food and Grocery Council. Self5th Apr 2019
5145th parliament Prasad. Gift from BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha - Australia. Self5th Apr 2019
5245th parliament 2019 Calendar. Gift from Embassy of Japan. Self5th Apr 2019
5345th parliament Uppercup reusable cup and chocolate coated coffee beans. Gift from CropLife Australia. Self5th Apr 2019
5445th parliament Caleandar: Australian Weather. Gift from Minister for the Environment. Self5th Apr 2019
5545th parliament Calendar: Ikebana. Gift from Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Japan. Self5th Apr 2019
5645th parliament Book: The Best Australian Science Writing 2018. Gift from Copyright Agency. Self5th Apr 2019
5745th parliament Travel, accommodation and meals. Provided by the Moroccan Embassy during vist with Parliamenary Friendship Group 8/12/18 - 15/12/18 to meet with Moroccan Parliament and institutions to discuss energy, trade, development, human rights promotion, migration and other mutual interests. Self5th Apr 2019
5845th parliament 1 x Ferrero rocher box chocs. Thank you gift from P Fitzgerald. Self5th Apr 2019
5945th parliament 1 x truffles milk. Thank you gift from B Cellich. Self5th Apr 2019
6045th parliament 1 x truffles dark Celebrations chocolate. Gift from S Holloway. Self5th Apr 2019
6145th parliament Christmas freckles and candy canes. Gift from Telstra Country Wide. Self5th Apr 2019
6245th parliament Fresh produce ham. Gift from NELLEN. Self5th Apr 2019
6345th parliament 2019 Calendar: Disappearing Pastoralists Tibet. Gift from Australian Tibet Council. Self5th Apr 2019
6445th parliament Wine x 2. Gift from C Campbell. Self5th Apr 2019
6545th parliament Book: Ten Years On: A Personal Account of Black Saturday and the Decade that Followed - and homemade apricot jam. Gift from Melanie Harris-Brady (author). Self5th Apr 2019
6645th parliament Book: On Merit. Gift from United Bookshop Distributors. Self5th Apr 2019
6745th parliament 2014 Mitchelton Cabernet Merlot. Gift from Strathbogie Shire Council. Self5th Apr 2019
6845th parliament Box of Cadbury's Favourites. Gift from Sen Bridget McKenzie. Self5th Apr 2019
6945th parliament Bottle of sparkling wine. Gift from National Tertiary Education Union. Self5th Apr 2019
7045th parliament Selection of books. Gift from Wilde Dingo Press. Self5th Apr 2019
7145th parliament Salad dressing. Gift from Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program. Self5th Apr 2019
7245th parliament Book: Outside the Box - gift from Pietro Barbara (author) Self4th Dec 2018
7345th parliament Book: The Leadership Lab - gift from Chris Lewis (author) Self4th Dec 2018
7445th parliament DVD: Mystery Road - gift from Screen Australia Self4th Dec 2018
7545th parliament Iced gingernut cookies - gift from Albury Railway Station caf?? Self4th Dec 2018
7645th parliament Book: Palm Island: Through Long Lens - gift from AIATSIS Self4th Dec 2018
7745th parliament Fruit and veg grocery hamper - gift from Food and Grocery Council Self4th Dec 2018
7845th parliament Silk Scarf - gift from Michelle Dunscombe Self4th Dec 2018
7945th parliament Yarra Valley Chocolaterie Bush Tucker pack - gift from Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program Self4th Dec 2018
8045th parliament Andiamo Gift Voucher - gift from St Augustines Art Show Self4th Dec 2018
8145th parliament Membership 2018-2019 - gift from Yea Racing Club Inc Self4th Dec 2018
8245th parliament Sample Neutrogena products - gift from Johnson Johnson Self4th Dec 2018
8345th parliament Local produce hamper - gift from Mansfield Secondary College Self4th Dec 2018
8445th parliament Pack of greeting cards - gift from Actors Entertainers Benevolent Fund (Qld) Inc Self4th Dec 2018
8545th parliament Bag of promotional items - gift from Microsoft Self4th Dec 2018
8645th parliament Assorted food products - gift from Australian Women in Agriculture Self4th Dec 2018
8745th parliament Book: Breakfast with Beaverbrook - gift from Ann Moyal (author) Self4th Dec 2018
8845th parliament Book: Falling Through the Cracks: Our artists health and welfare - gift rom Victorian Actors Benevolent Trust Self4th Dec 2018
8945th parliament Plant: Clematis Aristata - gift from Strathbogie Voices Self4th Dec 2018
9045th parliament 2 tickets to performance of Julius Caesar - gift from Bell Shakespeare Self4th Dec 2018
9145th parliament Book: The Indian Woman; tea; t-shirt - gift from High Commissioner of India Self4th Dec 2018
9245th parliament Keep Cup - gift from Mt Hotham Resort Management Self4th Dec 2018
9345th parliament Book: Walking Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome - gift from Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd Self4th Dec 2018
9445th parliament DVD: Sweet Country - gift from Screen Australia Self4th Dec 2018
9545th parliament Book: The General Theory of Unemployment - gift from Vernon Routley (author) Self4th Dec 2018
9645th parliament Season Pass x 2 - gift from Tallangatta District Football League Self4th Dec 2018
9745th parliament Hand knitted gloves - gift from Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Self4th Dec 2018
9845th parliament Tallow candle - gift from Burgess Family Butcher, Rutherglen Self19th Jun 2018
9945th parliament Bottle of King Valley Prosecco - gift from St Matthew's Church, Albury Self19th Jun 2018
10045th parliament Baseball cap, badges & Play-Doh - gift from Playgroup Australia Self19th Jun 2018
10145th parliament Bouquet of flowers - gift from Board of St Catherin's Aged Care Hostel Self19th Jun 2018
10245th parliament Beechworth Honey Gift Box - gift from Community Landcare & Ag Leadership Program Alumni Self19th Jun 2018
10345th parliament Box of assorted products - gift from Australian Pumpkin Seed Co Self19th Jun 2018
10445th parliament Selection of oils, dressings and products - gift from Gooramadda Olives Self19th Jun 2018
10545th parliament Google Home Mini and Chromecast x 3 - gift from Google Australia & New Zealand Self19th Jun 2018
10645th parliament Children's Rescue Rashie x 4 - gift from Westpac Self19th Jun 2018
10745th parliament CD: Delia Murphy: If I Were A Blackbird - gift from Honour A Woman Self19th Jun 2018
10845th parliament Bottle of Alice Langton's Chocolate Mint Sauce and Pen - Gift from Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program Self19th Jun 2018
10945th parliament Baseball cap, ruler and pencil - gift from Torres Strait Regional Authority Self19th Jun 2018
11045th parliament Book: The Power of Good People by Para Paheer - gift from RAR Conference Self19th Jun 2018
11145th parliament Small clock and scarf - gift from Ravi Talreja Self19th Jun 2018
11245th parliament Book: In The Folds of Hills - gift from Charlotte & Tilman Ruff Self19th Jun 2018
11345th parliament Book: Genuine Government - gift from Ross Batts (author) Self19th Jun 2018
11445th parliament Books: "Out Brief Candle" and "For Life is a Walking Shadow" - gift from Barry McArthur (author) Self19th Jun 2018
11545th parliament Earth Bag" - gift from Collingwood CWA" Self19th Jun 2018
11645th parliament Prosperity: China Story Yearbook 2017 - gift from Australian Centre on China in the World Self19th Jun 2018
11745th parliament Tea towel and pen - gift from Palliative Care Australia Self19th Jun 2018
11845th parliament Telstra TV media box - gift from Self19th Jun 2018
11945th parliament Book: Australia's Red Tape Crisis - gift from Institute of Public Affairs Self19th Jun 2018
12045th parliament DVD: Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? - gift from Citizens Commission on Human Rights Self19th Jun 2018
12145th parliament Tea Towel - gift from Palliative Care Australia Self19th Jun 2018
12245th parliament Book: Radical Heart - gift from Dr Shireen Morris (author) Self19th Jun 2018
12345th parliament Sunscreen - gift from Bristol-Myers Squibb Self19th Jun 2018
12445th parliament Campbells Rutherglen Topaque - gift from Winemakers of Rutherglen Self19th Jun 2018
12545th parliament Journal - Gift from Leadership Ballarat and Western Region Self27th Feb 2018
12645th parliament Pocket notebook x 2 - Gift from Australian National University re Commonwealth Parliamentary Internship program Self27th Feb 2018
12745th parliament 4 tickets to Australian Ballet performance of Giselle at Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre - Gift of Telstra Country Wide Self27th Feb 2018
12845th parliament Gift hamper - Gift from D Popovich Self27th Feb 2018
12945th parliament 2 Beanies - Gift from Dirrawarra Indigenous Network Self27th Feb 2018
13045th parliament Wine: Campbells of Rutherglen 2014 Bobbie Burns Shiraz - Gift from Australian Property Institute Self27th Feb 2018
13145th parliament Membership: The Club - Virgin Australia Self27th Feb 2018
13245th parliament Book: Climate Change: The Facts - Gift from Institute of Public Affairs Self27th Feb 2018
13345th parliament Book: Backlash: Australia's Conflict of Values over Live Exports - Gift from Delfina Manor Self27th Feb 2018
13445th parliament Black bamboo socks - Gift from New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program Self27th Feb 2018
13545th parliament Milk chocolate freckle x 3 - Gift from Telstra Self27th Feb 2018
13645th parliament Grant Burge Liquor Muscat - Gift from volunteer staff: Sam R, Merran S, Phil H, & Helen H Self27th Feb 2018
13745th parliament Haigh's Chocolate Frog - Gift from Philanthropy Australia Self27th Feb 2018
13845th parliament 15 x Marriage Equality Yes wristbands - Gift from Victorian Trades Hall Council Self27th Feb 2018
13945th parliament Travel wallet - gift from LGPro Self27th Feb 2018
14045th parliament Book: The Big Sheppartonian: A Life of Sir Andrew Fairley - Gift from Andrew Fairley AM Self27th Feb 2018
14145th parliament Book: Tea in Saharan Morocco - Gift from Embassy of Morocca Self27th Feb 2018
14245th parliament Social Enterprise Socks - Gift from Jordan Wilson Self27th Feb 2018
14345th parliament Himalayan Pink Salt & Pen - Gift from University of Melbourne School of Government Self27th Feb 2018
14445th parliament T2 Flask and Tea Sachets - Gift from Changemakers in the Legal System Self27th Feb 2018
14545th parliament Book: Asylum By Boat: Origins of Australia's Refugee Policy - Gift from Claire Higgins, UNSW Self27th Feb 2018
14645th parliament Karma Kup reusable coffee cop - Gift from CropLife Australia Self27th Feb 2018
14745th parliament iPod Shuffle - Gift from Bendigo Bank Self27th Feb 2018
14845th parliament Chairman's Lounge membership 2 years - Gift from Qantas Self27th Feb 2018
14945th parliament Yoyo biscuits and pen - Gift from Rivers & Ranges Community Leadership Program Self27th Feb 2018
15045th parliament Bunch of flowers - Gift from FCJ Benalla & Sacred Heart Yarrawonga Self27th Feb 2018
15145th parliament Bunch of flowers - Gift from Gerard Grey, Louise Armstrong & Hugh Shanahan Self27th Feb 2018
15245th parliament Book: How Great Cities Happen: Integrating People, Land Use and Transport - Gift from Dr John Stanley (author) Self27th Feb 2018
15345th parliament Ceramic Dish - Gift from Minister Porter and Assistant Minister Jane Prentice / Australian Disability Enterprise Self27th Feb 2018
15445th parliament 6 Eggs - Gift from Sally from Merrijig Self27th Feb 2018
15545th parliament DVDs x 7 - Gift from Screen Australia Self27th Feb 2018
15645th parliament Book: Australian Love Stories - Gift from Inkerman & Blunt: publishers Self27th Feb 2018
15745th parliament Wine and commemorative spoon - Gift from Myrtleford Agricultural & Pastoral Society Self27th Feb 2018
15845th parliament Cake tin & biscuits - Gift from Stanley Cemetary Trust Self27th Feb 2018
15945th parliament Book: Balcony Over Jerusalem - Gift from Sen Nick Xenophon Self27th Feb 2018
16045th parliament Two Tickets to Wodonga Gold Cup - Gift from Wodonga & District Turf Club Self27th Feb 2018
16145th parliament Cel-Fi Go, Smart Signal Repeater - Gift from Telstra Country Wide Self27th Feb 2018
16245th parliament The Club membership x 2 - Gift from Virgin Australia Self27th Feb 2018
16345th parliament Wine: Bobbie Burns 2015 Shiraz and flowers - Gift from Telstra Shop Wodonga Self27th Feb 2018
16445th parliament Book: Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling: Women Creating possibility in regional Australia - Gift from Maree McPherson (author) Self27th Feb 2018
16545th parliament Indigo Valley Oil, local handcream and Yackandandah Jam - Gift from Yackandandah Festival of Dangerous Ideas Self27th Feb 2018
16645th parliament Milk jug and sugar bowl - Gift from Tomorrow Today Foundation Self27th Feb 2018
16745th parliament Pineapple - Gift from Michelle Landry, Member for Capricornia Self27th Feb 2018
16845th parliament Selection of snack foods - Gift from Australian Food & Grocery Council Self27th Feb 2018
16945th parliament 6 Maxwell Williams wine glasses - Gift from Des Lonergan Self27th Feb 2018
17045th parliament Gift bag containing: chocolate, essential oil, bath bomb, sauces, coffee beans, candle - Gift from North East Local Learning & Employment Network Self27th Feb 2018
17145th parliament Candle - Gift from the Bahai Community in Australia Self27th Feb 2018
17245th parliament Pen - Gift from Wodonga CWA Self27th Feb 2018
17345th parliament Baseball cap and apron - Gift from Penny & Jason Trompf Self27th Feb 2018
17445th parliament Book: Torres Strait Islander Women and the Pacific War, gift wrap and brooch - Gift from ARLF: Torres Strait Women's Leadership Program Self27th Feb 2018
17545th parliament Wine: Brown Brothers Shiraz, Mondeuse & Cabernet Sauvignon; Brown Brothers Vintage Release King Valley Prosecco - Gift from Ross Brown Self27th Feb 2018
17645th parliament DVD: Sunshine - Gift from SBS Self27th Feb 2018
17745th parliament Wine x 2: 2016 Riverina Tempranillo and 2016 Chardonnay - Gift from Charles Sturt University Self27th Feb 2018
17845th parliament Chocolate, cookies, Frank Green keep cup and bottle of Clonakilla wine - Gift from Qantas Self27th Feb 2018
17945th parliament 5kg box of cherries - Gift from Marion & Tony Rak Self27th Feb 2018
18045th parliament Book: Dragon & Kangaroo: Australia & China's shared history from the goldfields to the present day - Gift from University of Technology Sydney Australia-China Relations Institute Self27th Feb 2018
18145th parliament Lindt Selection Chocolates - Gift from Mrs Elizabeth and Mr Ian McInerney Self27th Feb 2018
18245th parliament Gift hamper - Gift from Eldorado Food Share Self27th Feb 2018
18345th parliament Clonakilla 2016 Hilltops Shiraz and Frank Green Smartcup - Gift from Qantas Self27th Feb 2018
18445th parliament Books: Australia: The Vatican Museums Indigenous Collection and The Little Red Yellow Black Book - Gift from AIATSIS Self27th Feb 2018
18545th parliament Jar of Passionfruit Butter - Gift from National Rural Women's Coalition, Canberra Rural Muster Self27th Feb 2018
18645th parliament VIP Ticket: AFL North East Border Business Lunch with Brendon Gale - Guest of AFL North East Border Self27th Feb 2018
18745th parliament VIP Ticket: AFL JLT Community Series Rooftop Function - Guest of Rural City of Wangaratta Self27th Feb 2018
18845th parliament Jill's Cuisine Traditional Tomato Relish - gift from Jill Davis Self19th Jun 2017
18945th parliament Books: China Story Yearbook 2014 - Shared Destiny, China Story Yearbook 2015 - Pollution - gift from Benjamin Penny: Director - Australian Centre on China in the World - ANU Self19th Jun 2017
19045th parliament Acceptance ring - gift from Airbnb Self19th Jun 2017
19145th parliament Magazines: Mountaineer: Woods Point & District Quarterly Magazine Jan-Mar 2017 - gift from the Woods Point Progress Association Self19th Jun 2017
19245th parliament Book: 100/CSL - gift from CSL Self19th Jun 2017
19345th parliament Alice Langton's Chocolate Mint Sauce and pen - gift from AVCLP Self19th Jun 2017
19445th parliament TWG Singapore Breakfast Tea - gift from High Commissioner for Singapore Self19th Jun 2017
19545th parliament Book: Sharing The Water: One Hundred Years of River Murray Politics - gift from Murray Darling Basin Authority Self19th Jun 2017
19645th parliament Osborne Olives: preserved lemons, black olives, balsamic dressing - gift from Connecting Rural Business Women Self19th Jun 2017
19745th parliament Book: Water is Life by Colleen McCullough - gift from Michael Crouch - Zip Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd Self19th Jun 2017
19845th parliament Kitchen Garden Produce - gift from Benalla P-12 College Self19th Jun 2017
19945th parliament Christmas pudding - gift from CropLife Australia Self22nd Mar 2017
20045th parliament Book: #SaveOzStories - gift from Melbourne University Press Self22nd Mar 2017
20145th parliament Book: Pollution - China Story Yearbook 2015 - gift from Australian Centre on China in the World Self22nd Mar 2017
20245th parliament Book: Shared Destiny - China Story Yearbook 2014 - gift from Australian Centre on China in the World Self22nd Mar 2017
20345th parliament Box of assorted snack products - gift from Australian Food & Grocery Council Self22nd Mar 2017
20445th parliament Bottle of Clonkilla 2015 Hilltops Shiraz and assorted snack items - gift from Qantas Airways Ltd Self22nd Mar 2017
20545th parliament Stubby holder and wrist bands - gift from Soldier On Self22nd Mar 2017
20645th parliament Bunch of roses - gift from John Taylor Self22nd Mar 2017
20745th parliament 2 x 5k boxes of cherries - gift from Tony and Marion Rak Self22nd Mar 2017
20845th parliament Start Smart VR book and headset - gift from Commonwealth Bank of Australia Self22nd Mar 2017
20945th parliament Wine: Brown Brothers Pinot Noir - Chardonnay Pinot Meunier and Tamar Ridge Pinot Noir 2014 - gift from Ross Brown Self22nd Mar 2017
21045th parliament Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap x 2 - gift from Maria Berry Self22nd Mar 2017
21145th parliament Monopoly board game: Let's Go Caravan & Camping Edition - gift from Caravan Industry Association of Australia Self22nd Mar 2017
21245th parliament Book: Blame Changer: Understanding Domestic Violence: Carmel O'Brien - gift from Juliette Howard Self22nd Mar 2017
21345th parliament 2kg cherries - gift from Koala Cherries Self22nd Mar 2017
21445th parliament Book: What Are We Thinking? - gift from Margaret Purcell Self22nd Mar 2017
21545th parliament Magazines: Mountaneer: Woods Point & District Quarterly Magazine x 2 - gift from the Woods Point Progress Association Self22nd Mar 2017
21645th parliament Book: ACO 40: The Fortieth Year and CD - gift from Australian Chamber Orchestra Self22nd Mar 2017
21745th parliament Wine: Rutherglen Durif 2014, Dalzotto Pinot Grigio 2016, Water Bottle, Yoyo, Tissues and Lolly Bag - gift from Latrobe University Self22nd Mar 2017
21845th parliament CD: A Symphonic Christmas - gift from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Self22nd Mar 2017
21945th parliament Lindt Chocolates - gift from John Whittle Self22nd Mar 2017
22045th parliament Biscuits: Gingernut with butterscotch filling - gift from Jackie Ashe Self22nd Mar 2017
22145th parliament Book: Backlash: Australia's Conflict of Values over Live Exports - gift from Delfina Manor Self22nd Mar 2017
22245th parliament Book: To The Highlands - gift from Georgia Richter Self22nd Mar 2017
22345th parliament Pen - gift from Rotary Club of Wangaratta Self22nd Mar 2017
22445th parliament Book: Koala Cherries - A Day In The Life - gift from Alison Rouget at Koala Cherries Self22nd Mar 2017
22545th parliament DVD: Chasing Asylum - gift from Eva Orner (filmmaker) Self22nd Mar 2017
22645th parliament DVDs x 4 - gift from Screen Australia Self22nd Mar 2017
22745th parliament Alice Langton's Sauce and pen - gift from Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program Self22nd Mar 2017
22845th parliament Wool/cashmere scarf - gift from Australian Wool Innovation Self29th Nov 2016
22945th parliament Bottle of wine, spiced walnuts and olive oil soap - gift from Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program Self29th Nov 2016
23045th parliament Set of luggage: 3 orange cases - gift from Cath Baird Self29th Nov 2016
23145th parliament Book: The Sustainability of Australia's Country Towns - gift from John Martin, La Trobe University Self29th Nov 2016
23245th parliament Homemade jam, sauce and pickles - gift from Benalla P-12 College Self29th Nov 2016
23345th parliament Mobile Powerbank x 2 - gift from Australian Automobile Association Self29th Nov 2016
23445th parliament Wine: Pinot Grigio, Sweet Apple Cider, Dry Apple Cider - gift from Rural Australians for Refugees Mansfield Self29th Nov 2016
23545th parliament 2 x ticket to exhibition at Melbourne Museum: BioMedical Breakthroughs: A New View of you - gift from CSL Limited Self29th Nov 2016
23645th parliament Lindt chocolates - gift from AWIA Self29th Nov 2016
23745th parliament 2 boxes of Yarra Valley chocolates - gift from Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program Self29th Nov 2016
23845th parliament 2016/2017 membership ticket x 2 - gift from Yea Racing Club Self29th Nov 2016
23945th parliament Native flower arrangement - gift from FCJ Benalla and Sacred Heart College Yarrawonga Self29th Nov 2016
24045th parliament Book: Armenia, Australia & The Great War - gift from Armenian National Committee of Australia Self29th Nov 2016
24145th parliament Fudge - gift from Early Learning: Everyone Benefits Self29th Nov 2016
24245th parliament Butter scraper - gift from King Valley Dairy - Moyhu Self29th Nov 2016
24345th parliament Bottle of wine & flowers - gift from Moyhu Action Group Self29th Nov 2016
24445th parliament Organic Earl Gray Tea & JimJam foods salsa - gift from National Rural Women's Coalition Self29th Nov 2016
24545th parliament Resin Erstwilder Callistemon brooch - gift from North East Border Trades and Labour Council Self29th Nov 2016
24645th parliament Book: This is Ballarat - gift from Catherine King, Federal Member for Ballarat Self29th Nov 2016
24745th parliament Jar of lemon butter - gift from Australian Red Cross Zone 9 Victoria Self29th Nov 2016
24845th parliament Red gum serving platter - gift from David & Christine Thorpe Self29th Nov 2016
24945th parliament Chocolate and jar of dulce leche - gift from Countrty to Canberra Self29th Nov 2016
25045th parliament Wine: 60 bottles - gift from Boynton's Feathertop Winery Self29th Nov 2016
25145th parliament Cushions x 2 - gift from Francine Stacy Self29th Nov 2016
25245th parliament Qantas Chairman's Lounge Self10th Oct 2016
25345th parliament 1 night accommodation at Werribee Mansion Hotel and umbrella - Provided by AusNet Services to attend Board Strategy meeting 31 January 2018 Self27th Feb 2018
25445th parliament Frequent Flyer schemes and lounge memberships, occasional upgrades from economy to business from Qantas and Virgin Australia Self10th Oct 2016
25545th parliament Frequent Flyer schemes and lounge memberships, occasional upgrades from economy to business from Qantas and Virgin Australia Spouse10th Oct 2016

No interests have been deleted by Cathy McGowan since this project was last updated