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Official portrait of Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells for New South Wales on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 43 interests

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1 Cheque and Savings accounts Westpac Self 29th Sep 2016
2 Account Monte dei Paschi di Siena Self 29th Sep 2016
3 NIB Holdings Ltd, Shares Self29th Sep 2016
4 David Jones shares acquired in takeover and fully paid out on 1/8/2014 Self29th Sep 2016
5 Home Newport NSW Self29th Sep 2016
6 Investment Neutral Bay NSW Self29th Sep 2016
7 Investment Umbria Italy Self29th Sep 2016
8 Mortgage (Neutral Bay Property) Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
9 Mortgage (Italy Property) Westpac Self29th Sep 2016
10 Superannuation - CSS, First Super and Agest Self29th Sep 2016
11 Income from investment properties in Neutral Bay and Italy Self29th Sep 2016
12 5 Dec 2018 Nick Spencer Gundagai 2017 Red Blend donation by Australian Association of Christian Schools to the value of AUD $30. Self19th Dec 2018
13 Pre publication copy of Dr David Kemps the land of Dreams $59.95. Gift of Menzies research centre to the estimated value of AUD $59.95 Self26th Oct 2018
14 PPS Club Membership including membership card, luggage tags, PPS Club Membership guide and SGD280 worth of PPS Club vouchers as a gift from Singapore Airlines. Total package sent with an estimated value of SGD300 or equivalent to AUD298.41 Self29th Mar 2018
15 Pure silk carpet presented by Mr Khanlar Fatiyev, Chair, Australian-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Friendship Group during Minister's visit to Azerbaijan. Value: $1876AUD Self3rd Nov 2017
16 Pashmina presented by Hon Dr Prakash Shran Mahat, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nepal after Minister Fierravanti-Wells departure. Value: $203AUD Self8th May 2017
17 Handcrafted linen handtowel present by FM Dacic & City Manager Vesic, Belgrade. Value: 74AUD Self8th May 2017
18 19/01/2017 - Book: Republic of San Marino Travel diary, presented by Dr Nicola Renzi, Minister for Foreign & Political Affairs. Value: AUD$50 Self9th Feb 2017
19 19/01/2017 - Gold coin of the Republic of San Marino, presented by Dr Nicola Renzi, Minister for Foreign & Political Affairs. Value: AUD$90 Self9th Feb 2017
20 22/09/16 - Pearl pendant presented by Governor of Ha'apai (Tonga), Mo'ale Finau as thank you. Value: AUD$100 Self13th Jan 2017
21 28/11/16 - Hamper of Australian goods (wine & food) from Andrew Parker, Qantas for 96th Anniversary of Qantas. Value: Less than AUD$100 Self13th Jan 2017
22 Various gifts pre-2016 Self29th Sep 2016
23 Return flights on the US Embassy C-12 from Manila to Cotabato on 2/05/2018, courtesy of the US Embassy. Pilot Commander Brian Clark, Naval Attach????, Co-Pilot Major Tim Rolling, Assistant Air Attach???? and Master Sergeant Brian Roberts, Aviation Mission Technician, flew the plane. Commander Clark and Major Rolling attended official meetings on the ground in Catabato with Minister Fierravanti-Wells. The six passengers on board were Minister Fierravanti-Wells, H.E. Ms Ambassador Amanda Gorely (Australian Ambassador to the Philippines), Ms Elle Pendrick (Advisor to the Minister for International Development and the Pacific), Mr Jeremy Bruer (Assistant Secretary South East Asia Maritime Branch, DFAT), Ms Clare Duffield (Counsellor, Political & Public Affairs, DFAT) and Mr Sam Guest (AFP Close Personal Protection Officer). Total cost of full services approximately AUD$17,557 Self4th Jun 2018
24 Various travel pre-2016 Self29th Sep 2016
25 Various interests pre-2016 Self29th Sep 2016
26 2019 Donation $1,000 Father Altanasio Gonelli Charitable Fund. Self17th Apr 2019
27 15th November 2018 monetary donation to KidzWish Foundation Charity Ball 2018 of AUD $1000. Self19th Dec 2018
28 25/08/2018 donation to Youth off the Streets Self26th Oct 2018
29 4/03/2018 Monetary Donation of $1,000 to Father Atanasio Gonelli Charitable Fund Self4th Jun 2018
30 Donation 2018 Father Atanasio Gonelli Charitable Fund Self4th Apr 2018
31 Donation 2017 Youth Off the Streets Self4th Apr 2018
32 Donation 2017 Unit Support Committee-TS Albatross Self4th Apr 2018
33 Donation 2017 Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) Self4th Apr 2018
34 Patron of Surf Life Saving Illawarra Self28th Sep 2017
35 Father Chris Riley Youth off the Street Self29th Sep 2016
36 GO Fund Charity Self29th Sep 2016
37 Red Cross Self29th Sep 2016
38 Rooty Hill High School Self29th Sep 2016
39 Kidzwish Self29th Sep 2016
40 Day of Difference Self29th Sep 2016
41 Anzac Centenary Public Fund Self29th Sep 2016
42 Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) Self29th Sep 2016
43 Family partnership C. Fierravanti-Wells & J.W. Wells Self29th Sep 2016

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Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is dated 17th April 2019