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Australian locations of properties declared by Cory Bernardi

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Senator Cory Bernardi for South Australia on behalf of the Australian Conservatives declared 27 interests

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1 NAB Trade Account for Superfund NAB Self29th Mar 2017
2 NAB CMT for Superfund NAB Self29th Mar 2017
3 Savings A/C WBC Self26th Sep 2016
4 Vocus Group Ltd Self30th Jun 2017
5 Twenty-eight KW Pty Ltd Self26th Sep 2016
6 CAS Super Nominees Pty Ltd Self26th Sep 2016
7 Residential Griffith ACT Self26th Sep 2016
8 Personal Guarantee Mortgage WBC Self26th Sep 2016
9 Credit Card WBC Self26th Sep 2016
10 Margin Lending Facility St George Bank Self26th Sep 2016
11 Personal Guarantee for Commercial Mortgage ING Bank Self26th Sep 2016
12 Life Insurance Self26th Sep 2016
13 Superannuation Self26th Sep 2016
14 Motor vehicle Self26th Sep 2016
15 Shareholding Self26th Sep 2016
16 Book Sales Self26th Sep 2016
17 Provided hospitality and accommodation while attending a friend's wedding - supplied by families of the bride and groom Self26th Sep 2016
18 Travelled on a charter aircraft to attend Olympic Volleyball Presentation with Mrs G. Rinehart Self26th Sep 2016
19 CAS Super Nominees Pty Ltd Self26th Sep 2016
20 Catholic Church Self26th Sep 2016
21 PAC Foundation Building Fund Self26th Sep 2016
22 Conservative Leadership Foundation Self26th Sep 2016
23 Campion College Self26th Sep 2016
24 Lisa Fahey Foundation Self26th Sep 2016
25 I am not a trustee nor a director of these entities Named as potential beneficiary to various family trusts associated with extended family Self26 Sep 2016
26 CAS Super Fund Self26 Sep 2016
27 Named Beneficiary Named Beneficiary to various family Investment Trusts (general investments) Self30 Jun 2017

No interests have been deleted by Cory Bernardi since this project was last updated


Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Cory Bernardi is dated 30th June 2017 If you notice an error ping Rosie @info_aus.

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