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Australian locations of properties declared by Ed Husic

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House of Representatives member Ed Husic for Chifley on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 18 interests.

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1 Residential Colebee NSW Self30th Sep 2016
2 Home loan (refinanced) Newcastle Permanent Building Society Self2nd Jan 2018
3 Mortgage Newcastle Permanent Bulding Society Self30th Sep 2016
4 American Express credit card AMEX Self30th Sep 2016
5 AMEX/Visa credit card ANZ Self30th Sep 2016
6 Mastercard Westpac Self30th Sep 2016
7 Google Chromecast home mini - Gift received from Google Self28th Sep 2018
8 2 x tickets to Midwinter ball - Provided by Salesforce Self28th Sep 2018
9 Risis Commemorative Plate - Gifted Singaporean Government as part of the Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship Self28th Sep 2018
10 Received 1 bottle of wine from Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry 2015 John's Blend - Margarete's Shiraz - No 20 Self15th Mar 2018
11 Received the following seven DVDs from Screen Australia First Contact Series 2 Dance Academy Lion Jasper Jones Doctor Doctor Series 1 The Kettering Incident David Stratton: A Cinematic Life Self6th Nov 2017
12 Received a replacement membership card for the Club Virgin Australia Self13th Oct 2017
13 Renewal of existing Foxtel Subscription provided by ASTRA commencing from 1 July 2017 for electorate office, valued at $1,664.00pa Self28th Aug 2017
14 Membership of Qantas Chairman's Lounge Self15th Oct 2016
15 Membership of Virgin Club Self15th Oct 2016
16 Complimentary Foxtel Subscription provided to my electorate office via subscription TV representative group ASTRA Self15th Oct 2016
17 From 6 - 11 November 2017 I was a guest of the Singaporean Government, participating in the Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship and received accommodation and flights Self5th Dec 2017
18 Upgraded Qantas flight (Syd to Melb - QF449) Sunday 2 April 2017 Self18th Apr 2017

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