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Australian locations of properties declared by Graham Perrett

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House of Representatives member Graham Perrett for Moreton on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 31 interests.

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1 Savings Accounts CBA Self4th Oct 2016
2 Cth Direct Investment Account CBA Self4th Oct 2016
3 Savings Accounts CBA Spouse4th Oct 2016
4 Savings Accounts Suncorp Spouse4th Oct 2016
5 Savings Accounts CBA Dependent Children4th Oct 2016
6 AGO Self4th Oct 2016
7 AVQ Self4th Oct 2016
8 BOQ Self4th Oct 2016
9 CBA Self4th Oct 2016
10 CIM Self4th Oct 2016
11 MOY Self4th Oct 2016
12 TWE Self4th Oct 2016
13 WBC Self4th Oct 2016
14 WES Self4th Oct 2016
15 WPL Self4th Oct 2016
16 Home Moorooka QLD Self/Spouse4th Oct 2016
17 Mortgage CBA Self4th Oct 2016
18 Mortgage CBA Spouse4th Oct 2016
19 Car Self4th Oct 2016
20 Car Spouse4th Oct 2016
21 Writing Self4th Oct 2016
22 Brisbane International Night Session - 3rd January (Rosie wonders who gifted this?) Self22nd Jan 2019
23 Bathroom tap (installed) - I was gifted a tap in my home by my Bosnian community because the plumber I contracted (Hamdo Besic) to do the repair job refused to take payment. And he did a fantastic job! Self24th May 2018
24 2 Wahl shavers, 2 Wahl shaving kits Self21st Mar 2018
25 27/9/17 - Peter Poulsen, a constituent of my electorate of Moreton, handed to me the sum of $1,000 to be donated to the Hyde Road Kindergarten, Yeronga. The Hyde Road Kindergarten was closed on the day the sum was handed to me. On that same day I forwarded to the Hyde Road Kindergarten a cheque in the sum of $1,000 made payable to the Hyde Road Kindergarten. The cheque and accompanying letter was sent to the Kindergarten's address by registered Express Post. Self5th Oct 2017
26 I received two tickets to Ariana Grande's Brisbane performance from Telstra to give away to a constituent Self27th Sep 2017
27 My electorate office receives a Foxtel subscription from ASTRA valued at $1,644.00 pa Self31st Jul 2017
28 Two tickets to Wallabies v Springboks match on Saturday 8th September 2018 that included food and drinks. And the Wallabies won. It was a gift from the ARU Self10th Sep 2018
29 I received a trip to Taiwan, accommodation and several small gifts from the Taiwanese Government and several Taiwanese organisations. The trip occurred in late June, early July 2017 Self31st Jul 2017
30 RAAF Reserve - Legal Officer Self4th Oct 2016
31 Women's Legal Service - volunteer Spouse4th Oct 2016

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