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Australian locations of properties declared by James McGrath

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Senator James McGrath for Queensland on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 41 interests

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1 Savings account Westpac Self1st Sep 2016
2 Savings account National Australia Bank Self1st Sep 2016
3 Savings account Commonwealth Bank Self1st Sep 2016
4 Residential Warwick QLD Self13th Mar 2017
5 Flaxton QLD Self1st Sep 2016
6 Mortgage on Warwick property Westpac Self13th Mar 2017
7 Bridging Loan Westpac Self13th Mar 2017
8 Mortgage on Flaxton property Westpac Self1st Sep 2016
9 Credit card Westpac Self1st Sep 2016
10 Credit card Commonwealth Bank Self1st Sep 2016
11 Landrover Defender Self1st Sep 2016
12 Daimler Self1st Sep 2016
13 Income from Farm Stay Self10th Apr 2017
14 3 x 8 pack BSC protein bars- from Body Science International PTY LTD- value $118.80 Self17th Jul 2018
15 1 Carton Beer 1 Carton (12) Red Wine 1 Carton (12) White Wine Donated by QLD Hotels Association Approximate value $300 Self17th Jul 2018
16 A set of cufflinks from the Government of Thailand valued by the Department at $200 Self6th Jun 2018
17 Donated by the Australian Hotel Association 5 x cartons Furphy Beer 5 x cartons Great Northern Beer 4 cases Pepperjack Wine 4 cases Fifth Leg Wine 2 cases Sparkling Self6th May 2018
18 Moon rock presented by Mayor Jane McNamara Flinders Shire Council 12 250ml tubs "Co Yo" Yoghurt from COYO Self1st May 2018
19 Small Hoop Pine Xmas tree from Australian Forrest Products Association - value $12 Self6th Dec 2017
20 V8 Supercar Boot - from Caltex Australia Self28th Jul 2017
21 1 Bottle of Bundaberg Rum - Donor anonymous (Thank You - Much appreciated) Self10th Apr 2017
22 2 Bottles Bundaberg Rum Master Distillers Black Barrell Rum 2004 - Baroness Simone Finn Self10th Apr 2017
23 Disgusting Vegan sausages - PETA Self13th Mar 2017
24 Book from the Armenian National Committee of Australia Armenia "Australia and the Great War" Self8th Nov 2016
25 Gideon's Bible - Gideons Int in Australia Self13th Oct 2016
26 8 Footballs and 8 caps from Brisbane Bombers consortium Self1st Sep 2016
27 5 Mouse Pads from Regional Development Aust Townsville and North West Self1st Sep 2016
28 6 DVDs from Screen Australia Self1st Sep 2016
29 Membership of Qantas Chairmans Lounge Self1st Sep 2016
30 Membership of Virgin Club Self1st Sep 2016
31 Complimentary subscription to Foxtel provided by ASTRA - Value $1644 per annum Self26th Feb 2018
32 Five nights accommodation and meals on a boat as a guest of Mr Doug Kefford AO. Flight from Cairns to Brisbane, provided by Mr Doug Kefford. Self15th Feb 2018
33 Two nights accommodation - Bowral provided by the Gulf Coast Group One gift box: 1 bottle Mumm champaign and 2 glasses - from management and staff, Clubs NSW Self31st Jan 2018
34 Details: A charter flight from Archerfield Brisbane to Vanrook Station was provided by the Gulf Coast Group on Thursday 28 September 2017 to inspect operations and inf9rastructure issues. Aerial Inspection of Vanrook Station and surrounding areas using a helicopter provided by Gulf Coast Group Self17th Oct 2017
35 In addition, one (1) night's accommodation at Vanrook Station was provided by the Gulf Coast Group Self17th Oct 2017
36 Details: One (1) night's accommodation on 30 September 2017 at New Century Resources Ltd at their Lawn Hill mine site after an inspection of operations Self17th Oct 2017
37 2 nights accommodation, transfers and meals - Ubertas Group - Attendance at Australia/Israel/United Kingdom Leadership Dialogue Jerusalem 18-19 December 2016 Self11th Jan 2017
38 Sir Paul Hasluck Foundation - Director Self10th Oct 2016
39 Australian Superannuation Australian Superannuation Self1st Sep 2016
40 General Membership of Institute of Public Affairs October 2016 Self9th Nov 2016
41 Membership of Brisbane Club September 2016 Self9th Nov 2016

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Last declaration in AusGov.info database from James McGrath is dated 17th July 2018 If last stamp on declarations at differs by more than a few days ping Rosie @info_aus.

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