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Official portrait of Janet Rice

Senator Janet Rice for Victoria on behalf of the Australian Greens declared 47 interests

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1 Savings Commonwealth Bank Self27th Sep 2016
2 Savings Bank Australia Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
3 $500 investment in Pride of our Footscray Ltd Self11th Apr 2018
4 Investment in debentures in Earthworker Co-operative Self27th Sep 2016
5 Residence Footscray VIC Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
6 Holiday Home Sisters Beach TAS Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
7 Mortgage on Footscray Residence Commonwealth Bank Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
8 Mortgage on Sisters Beach holiday house Commonwealth Bank Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
9 Superannuation - Asgard Self27th Sep 2016
10 Life Insurance - MLC Self27th Sep 2016
11 Silver platter from Brighsun EU Group Self27th Sep 2016
12 Sponsored travel to Myanmar for IWDA's Myanmar Women's Mentoring Program 2019. Flights (economy class on flights SQ213, SA998, SQ5019 and SQ237), accommodation, travel insurance, Myanmar domestic transfers and some meals were paid for by IWDA. Self13th Mar 2019
13 Gift of one night of accommodation from RANZCOG during participation in the 2018 National Women's Health Summit Self11th Apr 2018
14 Upgrade from economy to business class on VA331 on 11/7/2017 Self11th Apr 2018
15 Upgrade from economy to business class on VA257 on 4/12/2017 Self11th Apr 2018
16 Upgrade from economy to business class on VA257 on 24/1/2018 Self11th Apr 2018
17 Membership Qantas Chairman's Lounge Self27th Sep 2016
18 Membership Virgin 'The Club' Self27th Sep 2016
19 Membership: Australian Greens Self18th Dec 2017
20 Janet Rice Facilitation and Community Involvement - individual/sole trader Self27th Sep 2016
21 Donor, Australian Greens Victoria Self18th Dec 2017
22 Donor, Australian Greens Self18th Dec 2017
23 Donor, Global Greens Self18th Dec 2017
24 Donor, Oxfam Australia Self18th Dec 2017
25 Donor, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Self18th Dec 2017
26 Monthly Tithe From Salary: Victorian Greens; Australian Greens; and Global Greens Self18th Dec 2017
27 Donor - IWDA Self18th Dec 2017
28 Donor - Goongerah Environment Centre Self18th Dec 2017
29 Donor - Green Music Australia Self18th Dec 2017
30 Donor - Youth Against Settlements Self18th Dec 2017
31 Donor - Australia Palestine Advocacy Network Self18th Dec 2017
32 Donor - Women Environmental Leadership Australia Self18th Dec 2017
33 Donor - Tasmanian Greens Self18th Dec 2017
34 Donor, The People's Solar Self1st Dec 2016
35 Donor, WELA, The Green Institute Self1st Dec 2016
36 Donor, Minus 18 Self1st Dec 2016
37 Donor, Goulburn Valley Pride Self1st Dec 2016
38 Donor, Environment Victoria Self27th Sep 2016
39 Donor, Great Forest National Park Self27th Sep 2016
40 Donor, The Brotherhood of St Laurence Self27th Sep 2016
41 Donor, Beyond Zero Emissions Self27th Sep 2016
42 Treasurer, Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Self27th Sep 2016
43 Donor, Friends of the Earth Self27th Sep 2016
44 Donor, International Women's Development Agency Self27th Sep 2016
45 Donor, Environment East Gippsland Inc Self27th Sep 2016
46 Donor, Great Forest National Park Self27th Sep 2016
47 Donor, Alice Springs Pride Carnivale Self27th Sep 2016

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