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Official portrait of Jenny Macklin

On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, Former Member for Jagajaga, Jenny Macklin declared 28 interests

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Jenny Macklin is dated 3rd April 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Ownership of Residential Property in Parkeville VIC AustraliaSelf/Spouse7th Jan 2019
2 45th parliament Ownership of Holiday home in Aireys Inlet VIC AustraliaSelf/Spouse20th Sep 2016
3 45th parliament Mortgage on home WestpacSelf/Spouse20th Sep 2016
4 45th parliament Mortgage on holiday home WestpacSelf/Spouse20th Sep 2016
545th parliament Savings Westpac Self 20th Sep 2016
645th parliament Multipurpose MECH Spouse 20th Sep 2016
745th parliament Superannuation with Asgard Self8th May 2017
845th parliament Superannuation with UniSuper Spouse20th Sep 2016
945th parliament Employment at the Australian Council of Educational Research Spouse20th Sep 2016
1045th parliament Gift of hospitality to the members and her spouse from Geelong Football Club to attend the Geelong v Melbourne match on 30 March 2019, in the Presidents Club. WestpacSelf3rd Apr 2019
1145th parliament 2 AFL game tickets from Geelong Football Club Self13th Aug 2018
1245th parliament Painting by A.W. Harding from the Harding family (valued at approx. $500) Self26th Jun 2018
1345th parliament Virgin Australia The Club" Membership Renewal for Member and Partner" Self26th Jun 2018
1445th parliament Complimentary Foxtel subscription for EO - gift from ASTRA Self20th Sep 2016
1545th parliament Qantas Chairmans Lounge renewal for Member and partner Self/Spouse13th Aug 2018
1645th parliament Virgin Australia 'The Club' membership renewal for member & spouse - gift from Virgin Australia Self/Spouse28th Nov 2016
1745th parliament Chairman's Lounge Membership renewal for member & spouse - gift from Qantas Self/Spouse20th Sep 2016
1845th parliament Travel and accommodation from Melbourne to Sydney (return) to speak at the National Apology Breakfast on Friday 8 February. Travel and accommodation paid for by Message Stick Group. Westpac Self12th Feb 2019
1945th parliament Flight upgrade for travel between Dubai & Melbourne, 2/8/16 (economy to business) for member & spouse - gift from Qantas Self/Spouse20th Sep 2016
2045th parliament Community & Public Sector Union Self20th Sep 2016
2145th parliament Australian Workers Heritage Centre Self20th Sep 2016
2245th parliament Geelong Football Club Self20th Sep 2016
2345th parliament National Foundation for Australian Women Self20th Sep 2016
2445th parliament Emilys List Self20th Sep 2016
2545th parliament Lions Self20th Sep 2016
2645th parliament Fabian Society Self20th Sep 2016
2745th parliament Community & Public Sector Union Spouse20th Sep 2016
45th sale of Residential property Real Estate Self/Spouse 20th Sep 2016 7th Jan 2019