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Official portrait of Julie Bishop

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia, Former Member for Curtin, Julie Bishop declared 84 interests

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Julie Bishop is dated 2nd April 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Telstra Corp Self28th Sep 2016
2 45th parliament Gnarabup Unit Trust Self28th Sep 2016
3 45th parliament WJ Bishop Pty Ltd Self28th Sep 2016
4 45th parliament Trustee Shareholder Isdell Pty Ltd Self28 Sep 2016
5 45th parliament Dormant Shareholder Finchdean Pty Ltd Self28 Sep 2016
6 45th parliament Investment Indirect Owner JI Bishop Mutual Trust Self28th Sep 2016
7 45th parliament Investment Dormant JI Bishop Family Trust Self28th Sep 2016
8 45th parliament Super Member JIB Superfund Spouse28th Sep 2016
9 45th parliament Investment Dormant JIB Unit Trust Spouse28th Sep 2016
10 45th parliament Ownership of investment property in Basket Range SA AustraliaSelf28th Sep 2016
11 45th parliament Ownership of Residence in Crawley WA AustraliaSelf28th Sep 2016
12 45th parliament Ownership of investment property in Red Hill ACT AustraliaSelf28th Sep 2016
13 45th parliament Isdell Pty Ltd TrusteeSelf28th Sep 2016
14 45th parliament Finchdean Pty Ltd DormantSelf28th Sep 2016
15 45th parliament 100% Offset Home Loan NABSelf28th Sep 2016
16 45th parliament Home Loan NABSelf28th Sep 2016
1745th parliament Savings Account NAB Self 28th Sep 2016
1845th parliament Antiques Self28th Sep 2016
1945th parliament Flight Hobart - Sydney Accommodation Ground Transfers 5-6 March 2019. The Australian British Chamber of Commerce. Self2nd Apr 2019
2045th parliament Flight Perth - Hobart. Accommodation Ground Transfers 4-5 March 2019. Self2nd Apr 2019
2145th parliament Tickets Australian Open 2019, 24 January 2019, Tennis Australia. Self14th Feb 2019
2245th parliament 27 November 2018 Canberra to Sydney Flight Princ's Trust Australia Self3rd Jan 2019
2345th parliament 14-16 December 2018 Sydney - Adelaide return Ground Transfers Nine Network Australia Future Women Self3rd Jan 2019
2445th parliament Spring Racing Carnival Tickets - Lexus - 3 and 6 November 2018 Self15th Nov 2018
2545th parliament Spring Racing Carnival Tickets - House of Kennedy - 3 November 2018 Self15th Nov 2018
2645th parliament VIP Ticket North Melbourne Grand Final Event Self2nd Nov 2018
2745th parliament AFL Commission VIP Ticket AFL Grand Final - 29 September 2018 Self2nd Nov 2018
2845th parliament Qantas Chairmans Club Self2nd Nov 2018
2945th parliament Virgin Australia The Club - 2018 Self2nd Nov 2018
3045th parliament Aboriginal Print Shoes - Grand Master Lineage - March 2018 Self28th Mar 2018
3145th parliament 2XU Activewear March 2018 Self26th Mar 2018
3245th parliament Leather accessories from The Daily Edited 9/11/17 Self21st Nov 2017
3345th parliament VIP Ticket North Melbourne Grand Final event AFL Commission VIP Ticket AFL Grand Final 30 September 2017 Self5th Oct 2017
3445th parliament National Press Club Parliamentary Membership 2018 Self12th Sep 2017
3545th parliament National Press Club Parliamentary Membership 2017 Self4th Sep 2017
3645th parliament Qantas Chairmans Club Self4th Sep 2017
3745th parliament Virgin Australia The Club 2017 Self4th Sep 2017
3845th parliament Astra Foxtel Electorate Office subscription Self23rd Aug 2017
3945th parliament 2XU Activewear May 2017 Self30th May 2017
4045th parliament Number One Ticket Holder West Coast Eagles AFL Club 17 March 2017 Self28th Mar 2017
4145th parliament Leather Flats Australian Women's Weekly 10 March 2017 Self20th Mar 2017
4245th parliament Running shoes from Spa Resort Fukushima Japan January 2017 Self13th Jan 2017
4345th parliament Spring Racing Carnival tickets Suncorp - 29th October Emirates - 29th October & 1st November Mumm - 1st November Lion - 1st November Self11th Nov 2016
4445th parliament Corporate Tickets to AFL Grand Final AFL Commission 1 October 2016 Self11th Oct 2016
4545th parliament Leather accessories from The Daily Edited 18 August 2016 Self1st Sep 2016
4645th parliament 5 - 9 August 2016: Accreditation for Rio 2016 Olympic Games courtesy of International Olympic Committee Self1st Sep 2016
4745th parliament Flight - Melbourne to Perth, ground transfers, 22 February 2019, Minter Ellison. Self4th Mar 2019
4845th parliament Accommodation Melbourne 21 February 2019, ground transfers 21 and 22 February 2019, St Catherine's Girls School. Self4th Mar 2019
4945th parliament Flight Perth - Auckland, accommodation, ground transfers, 6-8 February, New Zeland National Party. Self26th Feb 2019
5045th parliament Flight Auckland- Perth, accommodation, ground transfers,8-9 February, Wynn Williams Legal. Self26th Feb 2019
5145th parliament Sydney- Hong Kong return, accommodation, ground transfers, 31 January - 3 February 2019, The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Self19th Feb 2019
5245th parliament Flight Perth - Melbourne, ground transfers, 11 January 2019, Sorrento Golf Club. Self12th Feb 2019
5345th parliament 21-22 November 2018 - Perth-Sydney Flight - Ground Transfers - Ocean Respect Racing Ltd Self12th Dec 2018
5445th parliament 22-23 November 2018 - Sydney-Melbourne Return - Accommodation/Ground Transfers - La Trobe University Self12th Dec 2018
5545th parliament Annual Meeting of Global Future Councils - 10-13 November 2018 - Flights Perth-Dubai return and Accommodation - World Economic Forum Self21st Nov 2018
5645th parliament 30-31 October 2018 - Perth-Sydney Return/Accommodation/Ground Transfers - Nine Network Australia - Future Women Self8th Nov 2018
5745th parliament 4-5 October 2018 - Perth-Sydney Return/Accommodation/Ground Transfers - UNSW Sydney Self18th Oct 2018
5845th parliament 6-7 October 2018 - Perth-Melbourne Return/Accommodation/Ground Transfers - ABC Self18th Oct 2018
5945th parliament Airfares Perth-Melbourne return - West Coast Eagles Football Club - 28-30 September 2018 Self4th Oct 2018
6045th parliament Accommodation and ground transport - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore - 14-17 September 2018 Self3rd Oct 2018
6145th parliament 4-5 September 2018 - Perth-Sydney Return/Accommodation/Transfers - Australian Womens Weekly Self19th Sep 2018
6245th parliament 25 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019 Flights - Adelaide - Sydney - Hobart - Melbourne - Perth Ground Transfers - Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart Accommodation - Sydney and Hobart (25-28 Dec) Ocean Respect Racing Pty Ltd Self14th Jan 2018
6345th parliament In my position as Minister for Foreign Affairs, I regularly receive official hospitality from foreign governments while carrying out my responsibilities overseas. Such hospitality, including Guest-of-Government invitations, is a common feature of international diplomacy. I have registered some instance is the past; however I do not propose to declare official hospitality I received in the course of my duties as Minister for Foreign Affairs, unless I deem it could constitute a conflict of interest. I am advised that this approach is consistent with the practice of former foreign ministers. Self29th Aug 2017
6445th parliament The Club - Virgin Australia Self28th Sep 2016
6545th parliament Chairman's Lounge - Qantas Australia Self28th Sep 2016
6645th parliament Patron: Mounts Bay Sailing Club (Inc) - August 2018 Self22nd Aug 2018
6745th parliament Perth Netball Association Patron Self26th Oct 2017
6845th parliament Member Liberal Party WA Self28th Sep 2016
6945th parliament Member 500 Club WA Self28th Sep 2016
7045th parliament Board Member WA Museum Foundation Self28th Sep 2016
7145th parliament Board Member His Majesty's Theatre Foundation Self28th Sep 2016
7245th parliament Vice Patron Subiaco Football Club Self28th Sep 2016
7345th parliament Vice Patron Perth Surf Club Self28th Sep 2016
7445th parliament Vice Patron Claremont Lawn Tennis Self28th Sep 2016
7545th parliament Member Claremont/Nedlands Lions Self28th Sep 2016
7645th parliament Member Matilda Bay Rotary Self28th Sep 2016
7745th parliament Vice Patron Pelican Point Sea Scouts Self28th Sep 2016
7845th parliament Member Society of Modest Members Self28th Sep 2016
7945th parliament Fellow AIM WA Self28th Sep 2016
8045th parliament Patron Liberal Students WA Self28th Sep 2016
8145th parliament Hon Member National Press Club Self28th Sep 2016
8245th parliament Vice Patron Surf Life Saving WA Self28th Sep 2016
8345th parliament Member of Royal Perth Yacht Club Self28th Sep 2016
8445th parliament Member of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club Self28th Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by Julie Bishop since this project was last updated