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Australian locations of properties declared by Julie Collins

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House of Representatives member Julie Collins for Franklin on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 38 interests.

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1 Savings Commonwealth Bank Self6th Sep 2016
2 Savings Westpac Banking Corporation Spouse6th Sep 2016
3 Savings Commonwealth Bank Dependent Children6th Sep 2016
4 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Spouse6th Sep 2016
5 Myer Spousue6th Sep 2016
6 Residential Rose Bay TAS Self/Spouse6th Sep 2016
7 Work-related accommodation Griffith ACT Self6th Sep 2016
8 Investment Toowoomba QLD Spouse6th Sep 2016
9 Mortgage Westpac Banking Corporation Self6th Sep 2016
10 Credit card - VISA Commonwealth Bank Self6th Sep 2016
11 Mortgage Westpac Banking Corporation Spouse6th Sep 2016
12 Credit card - Mastercard Westpac Banking Corporation Spouse6th Sep 2016
13 Superannuation - AMP Self6th Sep 2016
14 Superannuation - Retirements Benefits Fund Tasmania Self6th Sep 2016
15 Superannuation - Retirements Benefits Fund Tasmania Spouse6th Sep 2016
16 Employment - TasNetworks Pty Ltd Spouse6th Sep 2016
17 Income from investment property Spouse6th Sep 2016
18 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Discount on South West Wilderness flight - Par Avion. Self5th Feb 2019
19 Qantas - Chairman's Lounge membership Self6th Sep 2016
20 Virgin Australia - Club membership Self6th Sep 2016
21 Qantas - Chairman's Lounge membership Spouse6th Sep 2016
22 Virgin Australia - Club membership Spouse6th Sep 2016
23 Managed fund Managed fund AMP Self6th Sep 2016
24 Tasmanian Association of Community Houses Self6th Sep 2016
25 EMILY's List Self6th Sep 2016
26 Amnesty International Self6th Sep 2016
27 Cricket Tasmania Self6th Sep 2016
28 Huon Agricultural Society Self6th Sep 2016
29 Hawthorn Football Club Self6th Sep 2016
30 Lindisfarne Football Club Self6th Sep 2016
31 Australian Republican Movement Sulf6th Sep 2016
32 Clarence Football Club Self6th Sep 2016
33 Howrah Recreation Centre Self6th Sep 2016
34 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Self6th Sep 2016
35 Warrane/Mornington Neighbourhood House Self6th Sep 2016
36 Risdon Vale Neighbourhood House - Patron Self6th Sep 2016
37 Clifton Beach Royal Life Saving - Patron Self6th Sep 2016
38 Keep Watch Ambassador - Royal Life Saving Association Self6th Sep 2016

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Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Julie Collins is dated 5th February 2019 If last stamp on declarations at differs by more than a few days ping Rosie @info_aus.

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