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Australian locations of properties declared by Lee Rhiannon

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1 Savings CBA Self27th Sep 2016
2 ERA - Energy Resources Aust. One (1) share for purpose of shareholder activism Self27th Sep 2016
3 Residential Bondi Junction NSW Self27th Sep 2016
4 Toyota Corolla 2001 Self27th Sep 2016
5 AGEST Superannuation Self27th Sep 2016
6 Chairman's Lounge (Qantas) membership Self27th Sep 2016
7 Upgrade from economy to business on QF861 - 13/6/18 - unsolicited upgrade Self19th Jun 2018
8 Qantas - Chairmans Lounge Self14th Oct 2016
9 APAN Self9th Aug 2018
10 Allimcels Australia Self9th Aug 2018
11 ASEN Self9th Aug 2018
12 Donation to AID/WATCH Self18th Jun 2018
13 Moree Reconciliation Committee awards - Donation Self7th May 2018
14 Retail and Fast Food Workers Union Self24th Aug 2017
15 Environmental Defence Fund (EDO NSW) Self11th Jul 2017
16 Donation to MSF Self6th Jul 2017
17 To Peter Manning, for Palestine project Self3rd Jul 2017
18 AID/Watch Self29th May 2017
19 Donation: Independent and Peaceful Australia Network Self24th Apr 2017
20 Australian Unemployed Workers Union Self12th Apr 2017
21 12.5% tithe, annual gross salary to The Greens Self27th Sep 2016
22 Donor to the Greens Self27th Sep 2016
23 Donation: Australian Indonesian AGT Centre Self20th Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by Lee Rhiannon since this project was last updated


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