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Australian locations of properties declared by Linda Reynolds

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Senator Linda Reynolds for Western Austral on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 35 interests

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1 Daily chequing & savings accounts NAB Self27th Sep 2016
2 IAG Pty Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
3 PTW Partners Pty Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
4 VolitionRX Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
5 Residential Narrabundah ACT Self27th Sep 2016
6 Part ownership of a family holiday home Lemborgan Island Indonesia Self27th Sep 2016
7 Mortgage on home NAB Self27th Sep 2016
8 Investment Loan NAB Self27th Sep 2016
9 Credit cards NAB Self27th Sep 2016
10 Credit cards Macquarie Self27th Sep 2016
11 Qantas Chairman's Lounge membership Self13th Nov 2017
12 Virgin The Club membership Self13th Nov 2017
13 One pair of work boots from Steel Blue Pty Ltd Self27th Jun 2017
14 1 night accommodation Busselton Self29th Mar 2018
15 2 tickets Leeuwin Concert with Dinner Self29th Mar 2018
16 ASPI Delegate to Be'er Sheva Dialogue, Israel. 29 Oct 17 - 5 Nov 17, sponsored by ASPI. Flights, accommodation, transfers, meals and Be'er Sheva commemoration package Self13th Nov 2017
17 KAS Delegate to Asian Women Parliamentarian Caucus conference, Singapore. 8 - 11 Nov 17, sponsored by Konrad-Adnauer-Stiftung Ltd. Flights, accommodation, transfers, meals incl. Self13th Nov 2017
18 Travel to Cambodia with Save the Children to visit Australian Aid Programs. Funded by the Gates Foundation. Approx value $5,000 Self27th Sep 2016
19 Qantas Chairmans Lounge M/S Self27th Sep 2016
20 Virgin ???_???_Executive Club M/S Self27th Sep 2016
21 Menzies Research Centre Self24th Oct 2017
22 PTW Partners Pty Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
23 BT Superwrap Superannuation BT Superwrap Superannuation BT Self27th Sep 2016
24 Public Superannuation Fund Public Superannuation Fund Encircle personal super service Self27th Sep 2016
25 Public Sector Super Public Sector Super MSBS Self27th Sep 2016
26 Public Sector Super Public Sector Super PSS Self27th Sep 2016
27 MLC Income Protection Insurance MLC Income Protection Insurance MLC Self27th Sep 2016
28 Board Director Menzies Research Centre Self24th Oct 2017
29 Donor World Vision Self27th Sep 2016
30 Membership - Liberal Party of WA Self27th Sep 2016
31 AICD Membership Self27th Sep 2016
32 Commonwealth Club Canberra Self27th Sep 2016
33 National Council of Women M/S Self27th Sep 2016
34 Consultancy Service Sole beneficiary PTW Partners Pty Ltd ATF The L.K. Reynolds Trust Self27 Sep 2016
35 A family beneficiary L & J Reynolds Family Trust Self27 Sep 2016

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