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Australian locations of properties declared by Lucy Wicks

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House of Representatives member Lucy Wicks for Robertson on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 66 interests.

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1 Savings accounts CBA Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
2 Insurance Australia Group Self27th Sep 2016
3 Insurance Australia Group Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
4 Little Whistler Pty Ltd as trustee for Little Whistler Trust Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
5 Comverse Technology Spouse27th Sep 2016
6 PPR Springfield NSW Self/Spouse ???????? deleted22nd Mar 2017
7 Investment Dee Why NSW Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
8 Rental Accommodation Terrigal NSW Self/Spouse28th Mar 2017
9 Mortgage PLAN Lending Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
10 Personal Vehicle Loan Capital Finance Australia Spouse27th Sep 2016
11 Superannuation - Telstra Self27th Sep 2016
12 Superannuation - First State Super Self27th Sep 2016
13 Life Insurance - Telstra & First State Super Self27th Sep 2016
14 Superannuation - Nestle Superannuation Spouse27th Sep 2016
15 Life Insurance - AIA Spouse27th Sep 2016
16 Motor Vehicle for personal use Spouse27th Sep 2016
17 Employment with DXC Technology, February 2018 Spouse16th Mar 2018
18 Income from investment property set out above Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
19 Tasmanian Devil named 'Lucy Wicks' at the Devil's Art enclosure at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby (naming rights valued at approx. $2000). Self24th Jan 2019
20 Complimentary pass x 2 (value $59 each) - passes for the 2017/18 season at 'The Entertainment Grounds' on the Central Coast, NSW Self16th Aug 2017
21 10 x tickets to attend the NAISDA Academy Mid-Year Show (June) - regular price $25 per ticket Self25th Jul 2017
22 Landscape photography on loan for display in office (Canberra and West Gosford) from Australian Landscape Gallery (3 pieces) Self29th Mar 2017
23 Ongoing hosting of website www.lucywicks.com.au provided by MyElectorate Pty Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
24 Installation and ongoing subscription to Foxtel pay television in West Gosford electorate office at no cost Self27th Sep 2016
25 Hospitality received by Grand Pavilion, Terrigal Self10th Aug 2017
26 Complimentary dinners on two separate occasions in July 2017, including with spouse. Total cost approximately $250 Self/Spouse8th Aug 2017
27 Admission and hospitality - Sydney Cricket Group - Australia vs. Pakistan - Private suite. As a guest of NRMA motoring & services Self6th Feb 2017
28 Little Whistler Pty Ltd Self27th Sep 2016
29 Little Whistler Pty Ltd Spouse27th Sep 2016
30 Gosford RSL Club Spouse12th Mar 2019
31 Central Coast Mariners Membership Spouse12th Mar 2019
32 Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford Self27th Sep 2016
33 Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy Self27th Sep 2016
34 Easts (Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club Ltd), Woy Woy Self27th Sep 2016
35 Ettalong Beach Memorial Club Self27th Sep 2016
36 Qantas Chairman's Lounge Self27th Sep 2016
37 Virgin Australia - The Club Self27th Sep 2016
38 Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club Self27th Sep 2016
39 Gosford/Erina & Coastal Chamber of Commerce Self27th Sep 2016
40 Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Self27th Sep 2016
41 Central Coast Mariners Self27th Sep 2016
42 Central Coast Volleyball Club Inc Self27th Sep 2016
43 Ambassador of Life Education Healthy Harold"" Self27th Sep 2016
44 Breakers Country Club Self27th Sep 2016
45 Erina Leagues Club Self27th Sep 2016
46 Woy Woy Rotary Club Self27th Sep 2016
47 Gosford City Rotary Club (Hon. Member) Self27th Sep 2016
48 Club Umina Self27th Sep 2016
49 Gosford RSL Club Self27th Sep 2016
50 National Seniors Australia Self27th Sep 2016
51 Unit Patron of Volunteer Marine Rescue NSW CC unit Self27th Sep 2016
52 Central Coast Community Women's Health Centre Self27th Sep 2016
53 Ambassador - Little Blue Dinosaur foundation Self27th Sep 2016
54 Patron - NSW National Servicemen's Assn. and affiliates Self27th Sep 2016
55 Inc - Gosford City Sub Branch Self27th Sep 2016
56 Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club Spouse27th Sep 2016
57 Gosford RSL Club Spouse27th Sep 2016
58 Central Coast Mariners Membership Spouse27th Sep 2016
59 Qantas Chairman's Lounge Spouse27th Sep 2016
60 Virgin Australia - The Club Spouse27th Sep 2016
61 Family Trust Primary Beneficiary Candl Holdings Trust Self27 Sep 2016
62 Investment Primary Beneficiary Little Whistler Trust Self27 Sep 2016
63 Family Trust Primary Beneficiary Candl Holdings Trust Spouse27 Sep 2016
64 Investment Primary Beneficiary Little Whistler Trust Spouse27 Sep 2016

65 Family Trust Primary Beneficiary Candl Holdings Trust Self27th Sep 2016
66 Family Trust Primary Beneficiary Candl Holdings Trust Spouse27th Sep 2016

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