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Official portrait of Luke Gosling

House of Representatives member Luke Gosling for Solomon on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 35 interests.

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1 Savings NAB Self28th Sep 2016
2 Mortgage AFG Self28th Sep 2016
3 Savings NAB Spouse28th Sep 2016
4 Mortgage AFG Spouse28th Sep 2016
5 Family residence Ludmilla NT Self/Spouse28th Sep 2016
6 House mortgage AFG/NAB Self/Spouse28th Sep 2016
7 Subaru Forrester (family car) Self28th Sep 2016
8 Bank account interest (minimal) Self28th Sep 2016
9 Crocodile tongue from Crocodile Mick Pitman. I bought a crocodile head at a charity auction and the owner inserted a tongue in it for me for free. Value - priceless Self27th Feb 2018
10 Territory Thunder footy club membership. Value - unknown Self27th Feb 2018
11 Fannie Bay Turf Club membership. Value - unknown Self27th Feb 2018
12 Ticket to Notional Press Club Lunch. Gifted by the Capital Hill Advisory. Value - unknown Self27th Feb 2018
13 DVD - Screening Australia DVD - Chasing Asylum Value - unknown Self27th Feb 2018
14 2017 Honorary Membership from Darwin Turf Club - full year membership for self and guest + car park pass (value $450) Self28th Feb 2017
15 2 x Tickets valued at $195ea - Minerals Council Gala Dinner 2nd Dec Darwin NT Self17th Jan 2017
16 4 x Barramundi $160 total - Humpty Doo Barra Farm NT Self17th Jan 2017
17 2 tickets to Darwin Cup gifted by Darwin Turf Club Self28th Sep 2016
18 10/11/2018 - 2 x tickets to Tennis NT Awards Self6th Dec 2018
19 01/10/2018 - 2 x tickets to Hospitality NT Gold Plate Awards Self6th Dec 2018
20 11/08/2018 - 2 x tickets to Darwin Festival Limbo Self6th Dec 2018
21 09/08/2018 - 2 x tickets to Darwin Festival Opening Night Self6th Dec 2018
22 V8 Supercar Passes attend corporate marquee - Crown Bet Self28th Jun 2018
23 DWN - LAX to attend the AALD Defence Academy 2018 - Australian American Leadership Dialogue Self28th Jun 2018
24 2 x Tickets to NT Thunder Gala Ball - NT Thunder Self28th Jun 2018
25 2 x Tickets to CareFlight Gala Ball - CareFlight Self28th Jun 2018
26 2 x Tickets Darwin Cup Ball - Fannie Bay Turf Club Self28th Jun 2018
27 Lunch supplied by Auspost for a veterans event I co-hosted. The event was a PTSD related book launch and the author was known to Auspost via the Pollie Pedal. Auspost are a member of the Veterans Employment Coalition and supports of veterans generally. Self1st Mar 2018
28 Visit organised by Save the Children Australia, funded by a grant from the Gates Foundation - economy class flights, accommodation, meals and transfers to visit aid projects in Myanmar/Burma Self28th Feb 2017
29 Membership of the Australian Republic Movement Self13th Oct 2016
30 Membership of the Chairman's Lounge presented to me by QANTAS rep today 13 Oct 16 Self13th Oct 2016
31 Member of non-for-profit Life, Love and Health Inc Self28th Sep 2016
32 Member of Community and Public Service Union Self28th Sep 2016
33 Member of Shop and Allied Distributors Association Self28th Sep 2016
34 Self managed superannuation fund Individual Trustee Red Super Self28th Sep 2016
35 Superannuation Member HESTA Superannuation Self28th Sep 2016

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