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Australian locations of properties declared by Mark Butler

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House of Representatives member Mark Butler for Port Adelaide on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 30 interests.

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1 Savings Bank SA Self6th Sep 2016
2 Savings x 2 Westpac Spouse6th Sep 2016
3 Savings Bank SA Dependent Children6th Sep 2016
4 Residential, sole interest Grange SA Self29th Nov 2018
5 Residential Woodville Park SA Self/Spouse6th Sep 2016
6 Mortgage on Grange Members Equity Self29th Nov 2018
7 Mortgages on joint residence Members Equity Self/Spouse6th Sep 2016
8 Superannuation - Australian Super Self6th Sep 2016
9 Superannuation - Statewide Super Spouse6th Sep 2016
10 Payment for freelance work in Arts administration Spouse6th Sep 2016
11 1 bottle Tattinger champagne - Qantas Self4th Jan 2019
12 A subscription to Foxtel for my electorate office from ASTRA Self29th Nov 2018
13 Two tickets from The Australian Ballet Company for the production of Sleeping Beauty at the Adelaide Festival Centre on 6 July 2018 Self16th Jul 2018
14 South Australian Tourism Commission - 2 x passes to WOMADelaide Music Festival 9-12 March 2018 - valued at $378.00 per person Self22nd Mar 2018
15 Two tickets from the AFL for the elimination final at Adelaide Oval on 9 September Self15th Sep 2017
16 A subscription to Foxtel from ASTRA Self23rd Aug 2017
17 South Australian Tourism Commission - 2 x passes to WOMADelaide Music Festival 10-13 March 2017 - valued at $369.00 per person Self10th Mar 2017
18 Qantas & Virgin Airport Lounge memberships Self6th Sep 2016
19 Qantas & Virgin Airport Lounge memberships Spouse6th Sep 2016
20 I received a print from the Cuts in The Left" Gallery Port Adelaide in August 2016 Self6th Sep 2016
21 I received a painting from John Ford in July 2016 for my Electorate Office Self6th Sep 2016
22 Business class upgrade by Virgin on a private flight from Adelaide to Coolangatta on Saturday 29 September Self15th Oct 2018
23 On 21 September 2016 I travelled to the UK to attend the British Labour Party Conference. My travel was sponsored by Qantas, including upgrades Self5th Oct 2016
24 Chair, Advisory Committee for Centre for Research Excellence in Trans-Disciplinary Frailty Research Self6th Sep 2016
25 Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL Club Self22nd Mar 2018
26 United Voice Self6th Sep 2016
27 Port Adelaide Football Club Self6th Sep 2016
28 Australian Labor Party Self6th Sep 2016
29 Progressive Left Unions & Sub-branches Self6th Sep 2016
30 Australian Labor Party Spouse6th Sep 2016

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Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Mark Butler is dated 4th January 2019 If last stamp on declarations at differs by more than a few days ping Rosie @info_aus.

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