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Australian locations of properties declared by Mike Kelly

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House of Representatives member Mike Kelly for Eden-Monaro on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 12 interests.

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1 Savings offset account ANZ Bank Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
2 Home Karabar NSW Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
3 Investment Reid ACT Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
4 Spouse has a 50% share in her mother's property. It is for sale and not rented at this point with probate finalised Lindfield NSW Spouse19th Dec 2017
5 Mortgage ANZ Bank Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
6 Rent on investment property Self/Spouse12th Sep 2016
7 Beersheba Commemoration and Security Conference in Israel - 27 October-7 November 2017 - Flights paid for by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). From Canberra to Sydney on 27/10/2017 From Sydney to Bangkok on 28/10/2017 From Bangkok to Jordan 29/10/2017 From Jordan to Tel-Aviv 29/10/2017 From Tel-Aviv to Jordan on 5/11/2017 From Jordan to Bangkok on 6/11/2017 From Bangkok to Sydney on 6/11/2017 From Sydney to Canberra on 7/11/2017 7 Nights' Accommodation at Renaissance Tel-Aviv Hotel Self16th Nov 2017
8 Australian American Leadership Dialogue - West Coast Leadership Dialogue, January 17-20, 2017 - Flights paid for by the Australian American Leadership Dialogue: From Canberra to Sydney on 17/01/2017 From Sydney to Los Angeles on 17/01/2017 From Los Angeles to San Francisco on 17/01/2017 From San Francisco to Los Angeles on 21/01/2017 From Los Angeles to Sydney on 21-22/01/2017 From Sydney to Canberra on 23/01/2017 From Oakland to San Diego From San Diego to LA Self7th Feb 2017
9 RSL Member Self12th Sep 2016
10 United Services Union Self12th Sep 2016
11 ALP Member Self12th Sep 2016
12 Canberra Jewish Community Spouse12th Sep 2016

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