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Official portrait of Nicolle Flint

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia, Sitting Member for Boothby, Nicolle Flint declared 15 interests

Government Whip

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Nicolle Flint is dated 2nd March 2018

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1 45th parliament Motor vehicle loan Holden FinanceSelf2nd Mar 2018
245th parliament Motor vehicle Self2nd Mar 2018
345th parliament Colonial First State Superannuation Self4th Oct 2016
445th parliament Complimentary subscription television provided by ASTRA. Valued at $1,644.00 Self8th Aug 2017
545th parliament 2 x tickets to Melbourne Cup, Treasury Wine Estates, 1 November 2016 Self29th Nov 2016
645th parliament Membership, The Club, Virgin Australia Self4th Oct 2016
745th parliament Membership, Chairman's Lounge, Qantas Self4th Oct 2016
845th parliament 1 x attendance Adelaide Crows match, SANFL, 6 August 2016 Self4th Oct 2016
945th parliament 2 x tickets Midwinter Ball, PayPal, 31 August 2016 Self4th Oct 2016
1045th parliament 1 x signed bonnet of Holden Racing Car, Caltex Self4th Oct 2016
1145th parliament Sponsored travel to Israel with Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council - 3/3/17 - 9/3/17 Self28th Mar 2017
1245th parliament 1 x economy to business class air travel upgrade, Melbourne to Adelaide, Virgin Australia, 2 September 2016 Self4th Oct 2016
1345th parliament Institute of Public Affairs Self4th Oct 2016
1445th parliament Menzies Research Centre Self4th Oct 2016
1545th parliament Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division) Self4th Oct 2016

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