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Official portrait of Patrick Dodson

Senator Patrick Dodson for Western Austral on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 34 interests

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1 Savings Commonwealth Bank of Australia Self10th Nov 2016
2 Saving and cheque account Westpac Self10th Nov 2016
3 The Rubibi Aboriginal Land, Heritage and Development Co Ltd. Director: as trustee for the Rubibi Charitable Trust Self10th Nov 2016
4 Co-owner with sister of a lease (non-transferable) Broome WA Self10th Nov 2016
5 Holden Colorado Motor Vehicle Self10th Nov 2016
6 Toyota Land Cruiser Ute Self10th Nov 2016
7 Foxtel subscription (offer made but subscription declined) Self12th Sep 2017
8 Calico bag with box, badge, cap from Yiramali/Wesley Studio School Self10th Nov 2016
9 Appointment as Honorary member Gloucester Park Racing for 2016-17 Self10th Nov 2016
10 Chairmans Lounge Platinum One upgrade Self22nd Mar 2018
11 Support received for travel and accommodation to attend Wave Hill Anniversary, from the Lingiari Foundation Self10th Nov 2016
12 Qantas Club membership Self10th Nov 2016
13 Chairman's Lounge membership Self10th Nov 2016
14 Virgin Australia Club Self10th Nov 2016
15 The Rubibi Aboriginal Land Heritage and Development Co Pty Ltd Self10th Nov 2016
16 The Patrick Dodson Superannuation Fund The Patrick Dodson Superannuation Fund Self10th Nov 2016
17 Term Deposits Term Deposits Commonwealth Bank Australia Self10th Nov 2016
18 Patron of Marrageku Theatre Company, Broome & Sydney Self10th Nov 2016
19 Patron of Goolarri Media Enterprises Broome/08 Self10th Nov 2016
20 Patron of Alive and Kicking" Broome WH" Self10th Nov 2016
21 Donation to Save the Children Self8th Aug 2017
22 Donation to Gamduwa Self8th Aug 2017
23 Donation to Red Cross Self8th Aug 2017
24 Donation to Theatre Kimberley Self8th Aug 2017
25 Donation to Wirrpanda Foundation Self8th Aug 2017
26 Donation to Wangka Maya Self8th Aug 2017
27 Donation to Aurora Education Foundation Self8th Aug 2017
28 Donation to Playgroup WA Self8th Aug 2017
29 Donation to Creative Partnerships Australia Self8th Aug 2017
30 Donation to Magabala Books, Broome Self10th Nov 2016
31 Patron of Marrageku Theatre Company, Broome & Sydney Self10th Nov 2016
32 Donation to St Mary's College Grade 6 Camp Self28th Oct 2016
33 Personal Superannuation Fund Self10th Nov 2016
Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Resigned as Director of Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title body Corporate effective form 9th November 2018. Directorships Self10th Nov 2016 9th Nov 2018

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